October 1, 2009

Something Different

1234I have never tried to wear a dress with tights and knee high boots, but that is exactly what I'm doing today. I mentioned in yesterday's post that the fiance and I weren't completely sold on my brown dress + tan suede boots combination. After some thinking and reading the comments on Corporette's poll on knee high boots I realized that the reason we didn't think they looked right is that there was an awkward patch of skin visible between the hem of the dress and the tops of the boots. Well a quick trip to target fixed that. Now I am the proud owner of a great pair of brown tights.
1234I have also layered a sheer long sleeved dark turquoise t-shirt under the brown dress to keep me warm/to keep me from flashing a whole lotta boob. As if all that wasn't enough, I'm wearing the same necklace as this post and the gold flower from this post in my hair. I feel like writing it all down its a lot to wear and might be too much, but actually wearing it, its not. I really like this outfit and would definitely wear it again; it reminds me a little of the boho-chic style. I know that its not work appropriate, but it would be super cute for weekend wear once I start working or just wearing it to class for the time being.

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