September 28, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

    This Dress is from the shopping trip I took just after starting working.  The fabric isn't solid black, it has white, gray and silver threads running through it.  I couldn't think of anything else to pair it with, so I threw on this cardigan that has the same colors as the dress on top of it.  I feel like the look is a bit "ladies who lunch."  I'm hoping to find a cute colored cardigan with which to pair this dress to keep it looking young.  I'm also considering wearing the dress with a button down underneath it in the fashion of a jumper in the same way I wore this sheath dress.  Thoughts?

The Details:
Dress: The Limited
Cardigan: Sam's Club
Heels: Nine West

P.S. These pictures right here are exactly why I need to wear makeup to work---I look ill!

September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

     This morning I tried to go to work, really, I did.  I got up at the right time, got dressed, put on makeup, out the door and into my car.  As soon as I got onto the highway, however, I knew that it was a bad idea.  I called in to work to tell them I would be working from home as it was raining so hard I couldn't see 10 feet in front of my car and it would take me WAAAAAAAAY longer to get there and it would be dangerous.  So I turned around and went home and spent the day inside doing work.  or did I? 

The Fiance makes a guest appearance!

Post B-day Outfit

    So my 26th birthday was September 10.  As a present my parents gave me $100 to spend on myself.  This t-shirt and skirt are 2 of the things that I got.  I also bought a second embellished t-shirt in a blue-gray color.  My shopping experience was kind of depressing.  The Fiance and I were able to go to a really nice shopping center in the city where they have stores like Banana Republic, Talbots, Ann Taylor and the like.  While we went in to each of these and found several pieces that I would love to have, they were all way out of my $100 budget.  Just when I was getting depressed though, we turned a corner and there was NY&Co.  They were running a sale so the skirt was only $24.99 and the t-shirts were each $19.99 and $24.99.  I was able to use my AAA card and got an additional 15% off which made the experience WAY better than I anticipated.
Before I found my tripod, Sorry!
    Anyway, this outfit, as most are nowadays, is from work.  I don't remember what I did that day, but I would guess it included going to district court to handle some traffic cases, then back to the office to look at medical records for one of several pending cases.  Despite my days tending to be repetitive, I like to bring excitement into them through my wardrobe.  The little frills from the shoulder down, for example, while simple added a nice touch to this gorgeous color of a t-shirt.  I definitely understand now why people dress for work with their personality on their sleeve.  If they, or rather I didn't, I would be bored to death by monotony and repetition.  What do you do to keep work from being boring?  Am I the only one who keeps things entertaining through clothes?

The Details:
T-shirt: New York & Co.
Skirt: New York & Co.
Heels: Nine West   

September 23, 2010


     Sometimes when I'm feeling restless I craft.  This past Saturday I did just that.  I used an old white t-shirt to create the brooch to the left.  It was a lot of fun and definitely met my crafting craving.  I told one of my new co-workers that I'm a crafter and she was really impressed when I showed her this broach Wednesday.  It just felt nice to get creative and unlike in the law, I had immediate results that I really really liked.  

    This broach also definitely worked to liven up this t-shirt.  My sister gave it to me a while ago and its a really comfy shirt.  But for work, I knew that I would have to add something, either a belt, a broach or a scarf to make it work in an outfit, especially in terms of keeping the attention from falling solely on my boobs.  So on Wednesday I chose my super awesome newly crafted broach.  If you look closely, the necklace I'm wearing is also crafted by me.
    Oddly enough though, my favorite part of this outfit is my shoes.  I've had them for 3 years, but I haven't worn them in probably over a year.  I got on this pointy shoes hurt my feet thing and just didn't wear my pointy shoes.  So stupid of me.  I decided to give these heels another try and I felt stupid for avoiding them because they're pointy.  Yes, for the most part almond toe shoes are more comfortable than pointy toed heels, but that doesn't necessarily mean that pointy is bad.  Which means that I didn't notice the pointiness on Wednesday.  Granted, it helped that instead of my usual 3 inch heels these are only 1.5 inches high, but still.  These heels are definitely going to be part of my regular rotation of heels from now on.  

The Details:
T-shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Liz Claiborne
Heels: Nine West
Broach & Necklace: me 

Happy Birthday!

    So today marks one year since I started blogging.  A lot has changed since then.  I've finished law school, thought I would never get a job, got a job, took the bar, failed the bar, moved, started working, found out I'm not making nearly enough money to survive, and continued blogging because I love you all.  I have made so many friends through blogging.  I've discovered that the women who blog are vastly different yet incredibly kind.  I've realized that clothing and writing about clothing isn't frivolous and really can impact how a person is viewed and understood.  I've realized that its ok to fail.  Its not fun, it sucks, but its not the end of the world.  I've also realized that my Fiance is the best in the whole world.  Even though I know I am strong and can do things alone, having someone to lean on, to go for comfort and to share life's ups and downs has really been important this past year.  So to him, and to all of you, thank  you from the bottom of my heart for sticking by me and supporting me and loving me.   


September 21, 2010

Happy Chic(k)

    I've been trying to write a post with the title of "pitty party" and because its been so hard to just sit down and write it, I've been a bad blogger.  Well, since I found my tripod today (yay!) I'm going to use that as an occasion to keep on blogging despite knowing that I have a LOT of stuff to tell.  Hopefully I'll be able to get that post up and the many many outfit pictures I've taken since the last time I posted. 
    Anyway, today I didn't have to go to court, so I got a little crazy and rocked my hot pink linen skirt.  I love this skirt!  I got it for $5 at Marshalls 2 years ago and I've loved wearing it ever since.  Up until now I've only worn it with white or black tops, but realized last night while planning this outfit that dark purple would work just fine.  
    And my shoes!  I feel really dorky because I chose these sandals to match my necklace.  If you remember, this necklace was made by my uncle.  I have no idea why, as I love this necklace and it works with so many things, but its still hanging out in my etsy store.  I really don't get it, do you?  Any thoughts as to why this really awesome necklace is just chilling in my store? 

The Details:
Top: The Gap
Skirt: Ralph Lauren (Marshalls)
Necklace: el Gordo  

September 6, 2010

Pretty Things

 The Fiance and I went on a walk today.  Here are some of the pretty things we saw.  Enjoy!

September 1, 2010

Two ways

Outfit 1
    I got this sweater, a twin of the rose sweater when I went shopping last.  I really like the neckline, that its a silk blend and that its 3/4 sleeve.  So of course I got it in 2 colors.  Here are two different ways that I've worn it in the past few weeks.  The first with a pair of pinstripe pants for a more casual look and the second as a bottom layer for a blazer.
     Speaking of the blazer--it's new.  Well, new to you.  I got it months and months ago at the consignment shop.  It's super cute and fitted, but I could never figure out what to wear with it.  Apparently that's my problem du jour.  Anyway, this toffee brown sweater ended up being perfect.  I felt confident and put together.  That I chose the toffee sweater and not a black one or even chose the blazer in the first place helps me feel quite non-stuffy.  I don't feel like I need to wear a matching suit every day which is lovely because 1. I have all of 4 suits and 2. that gets boring very quickly.  Sometimes I wonder if men get bored of wearing the same suits all the time.  Or do they relish not having to think about what blazer goes with which top and shoes and skirt?  Any guys out there want to provide some insight? 
Outfit 2

The Details:
 Outfit 1:
Sweater: Loft
Pants: Gap (outlet)
Necklace: Kathy

Outfit 2:
Sweater: Loft
Blazer: Apostrophe (Consignment)
Skirt: Jones & Co.
Heels: Nine West

P.S. I have no idea why Bella decided she had to lick or sniff my leg at that exact moment.  She's weird like that.  But I still love her!
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