October 7, 2009


    One of my favorite "classic" looks is a trench coat with jeans, boots, a scarf and some type of top like a nice crisp white button down.  To me, this look has a classic elegance that is also no-fuss.  Because of this, I decided to buy my trench coat several years ago on a whim (also it was on sale).  A year or so ago I realized that the trench's top button didn't button which made me very sad and very angry at my boobs.  I mean, really?!?! aside from having to buy $60+ bras, my clothes don't always fit and now to top it all off a nice coat that I got on a bargain doesn't fit.  Boobs suck.  Big boobs even worse.  
    Anyway.  Well, yesterday I decided to try the trench coat on to see if I could get away with wearing the trench open over a brown sweater and jeans.  I tried it on and it fits!!!  I swear bells were ringing and crowds were cheering when I discovered this.  Now that I know the trench fits I won't have to get another coat for the fall and winter.  I can get away with wearing a blazer or sweater most days during the fall, but once it gets cold I need to start wearing a coat (assuming I care about what I look like and am not wearing a hoodie sweatshirt).  
    I have several winter coats that I love but only regularly wear a couple to school.  One of these is a gorgeous off-white Guess pea coat that I got on super duper sale at an outlet store while visiting my parents in Puerto Rico.  There is nothing like finding a gorgeous name brand item that looks great, is special and is on super duper sale.  The feeling is WONDERFUL!!! The other coat that wear often is a red pea coat length trapeze-esque coat.  I love that its a true red and makes me feel daring for wearing a coat that isn't black or gray.  I do have a lovely medium gray pea coat that has faithfully kept me warm for several winters.  I'm looking into having the pockets relined so that I can continue to wear it.  Anybody have any experience with this? 

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