October 22, 2009

Purple Tights

    I have habitually crafted an outfit around a specific new item that I just really want to wear.  I've done before  with my consignment skirt, my pashmina and my dark pink dress.  Well, today I have done it with a pair of purple tights.  These aren't just purple tights, oh no!  They are purple tights with a black swirly pattern.  I feel daring.  To balance out my super cool and crazy (for law school) tights, I have paired them with a matching sheer purple long sleeve t-shirt, a simple black sheath dress that I have belted and a pair of short boots.
    When I found these tights at Target I got pretty excited.  I was hoping for burgundy tights, but these purple tights, on sale, were just too cool to pass up.  Now, it would be really hard to figure out a way to wear these tights to work and have them be appropriate, but for school or weekends or just being funky, they're awesome.

Also, this morning while making tea I realized that I am nearly entirely covered in stuff I've gotten from Target. Yay Target!

The Details:
Tights: Target Xhilaration brand
Dress: Target
Belt: New York & Co.
Shirt: Target Mossimo brand
Boots: Nine West

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