October 16, 2009

Patterns v. Basics

Other than stripes, I own all of 3 tops that have a pattern on them. One is the cardigan that I'm wearing today. I got lucky and found it at Sam's Club in a size that fits me and a price that fits my budget. I have often thought about why I don't have anything with pattern on it and everything I own is so damn basic. Well, I have a theory. My theory is that basics are more wearable and easier to buy because you can mix and match them endlessly and wear them often (and also cheaper) whereas patterned items aren't. So, if you're a student and living on a budget, it makes more sense to buy a whole bunch of basics than a couple of patterned items. But this ends up being really boring. I find myself wearing just solid colors all the time. Its just not fun.
My plan to fix this is to combine my new love of consignment store shopping with the goal of finding patterned items, tops in particular. I also plan on keeping in mind the next time I go shopping that even though it may be more cost effective to get 2 plain solid colored tops, that I should get 1 patterned one instead. In addition I plan on using this strategy at outlet stores where I hope the cost effectiveness isn't such a disparity.

The Details:
Cardigan: Sam's Club
Sleeveless Top: Express
Pinstripe Pants: Gap Outlet
Black Heels: Nine West

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