October 19, 2009

Cold + Cuteness

1234This morning it was 32F when I got up to take the puppy out. For those of you in the rest of the world, that's 0C. I.e. it was COLD. As I wandered around the backyard waiting for Bella to do her business, I thought, well, I *could* just wear jeans and a sweater to school today. I'm sure the Blogoverse would understand that its just really really cold. Then I thought, well, if I give in now, that makes me kind of a wuss, and a non-fashion wuss at that. So, I have chosen to brave the cold in a dress. A very summery dress at that.
1234I was scavenging in my closet yesterday and thinking of The Small Fabric of My Life's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge and "found" this dark pink halter dress that I got while in Amsterdam during the summer of 2006. It is a dress that I haven't worn in a while because I have essentially outgrown the top. However, in thinking about the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, I realized that I could layer it over a tank and under a cardigan and still be able to wear it while in the winter and without showing how the top doesn't fit anymore. In essence, I have recycled a piece of clothing I never thought I would be able to wear again. Eventually I think I might get my neighbor-seamstress to turn it into a skirt, but for now, I am wearing it as a dress. I may end up scavenging more things from my closet that don't fit perfectly and seeing if I can rescue them somehow.

In order to make the dress cold weather ready, I am wearing gray tights, tan knee high boots, a light pink tank under the dress, a full length slip over the tank, the dress and a cardigan on top. Except for a big of my chest, I am covered head to toe and quite warm.

The Details:
Dark Pink Jersey Dress: H&M
Light Pink Tank: Old Navy
Gray Tights: Xhilaration from Target
Boots: Candie's
Cardigan: August Silk from Ross
White Coat: Guess Outlet

As you may have noticed, Bella is my favorite photographic accessory. I'm not comfortable just looking straight into a camera for a picture, so by incorporating her, I have something to look at.

Also, I had two different friends compliment me on my outfit today. :)


A said...

Love the outfit, and Bella is adorable!

A-C said...

thanks Chickie! I'm kind of proud of this one :)

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