September 30, 2009

blue and challenges

1234Keeping with yesterday's subject of color, today, I am (mostly) monochromatic. Sometimes, you just feel blue. Today is my day for blue. However, I don't think I look boring because I have incorporated my super awesome knee high tan suede boots (tucked under the jeans because my calves are just too big to fit them AND jeans in there) as well as a gray/brown vest with a blue pinstripe running through it. This outfit works because its not entirely blue and therefore boring. There's enough going on with the vest and boots to keep it from being boring. Being comfortable with color doesn't just mean being able to wear one stand out color amongst a whole bunch of neutrals, but rather also means being able to combine colors, even the same color throughout an outfit, without being boring.
1234I was inspired by this post by The Small Fabric of My Life. If I had seen it earlier than yesterday, I would definitely have participated. Seeing as I discovered it 2 days into the challenge, I decided not to. However, while thinking about the challenge, it occurred to me that in order to make the challenge work one would have to make use of layering and incorporating items in various modes. This made me want to wear a brown jersey dress with a sheer long sleeve shirt underneath and knee high boots. Unfortunately, I wasn't completely sold on the look of the tan boots with the brown dress and the fiance finished up my decision for me when he said he just didn't like the look, something about the color of the boots and the dress just not looking right together. This led me to wanting to layer one of the sheer shirts as well as wearing my boots. Add in some jeans and a vest and voila, I have an outfit!
1234Back to the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. The rules are that you have to make 5 days worth of different outfits using only 10 items of clothing (including shoes) and 5 accessories with hosiery and underwear not counting as items of clothing. I think its a great idea and may end up doing it (w/a modification or two) sometime soon. I think the point of the challenge is to make you think differently about your clothes so that each piece becomes multi-purpose. This makes a LOT of sense as a law student on a budget since I have no choice but to make just about every piece of my wardrobe be able to fit into several categories of life, ie. work, school, going out and just relaxing at home. In essence, multi-purpose is a way of life.

P.S. The picture of Luna the cat is in this post because the fiance wanted to make sure that both cats were represented. Since Sherbert was in the Ikea post, I decided to let Luna be in this one.

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