October 12, 2009


1234How far in advance do you plan what you'll wear? I ask because since starting this blog, I have become more aware of how I plan outfits. Its incredibly easy to go to bed at night thinking that I'll just grab something tomorrow morning. When it comes down to it though, it takes less time and energy to just think and finalize what I'll wear tomorrow the night before. This is partially because I'm not always functioning on all cylinders first thing in the morning. So, at the very least I give myself an option or two or three before going to bed so that if my level of functioning is lower than normal, I have a couple of options that I thought about the night before when I (presumably) was at a higher level of function.
1234That being said, sometimes, I also plan ahead thinking of the week as a whole. If I know I have a certain activity, like a date w/the fiance or a meeting at work, I make sure to plan ahead so that whatever I want to wear that day is available. Sometimes I plan for a whole week just because. Oddly enough, I take more time and energy to plan what I'm cooking for the week ahead than what I'm wearing that week. Weird.
1234So. . . today's outfit was planned yesterday. I decided that after a weekend of driving and playing puppy mommy I wanted to look a bit more put together than the man's undershirt and shorts I wore all day yesterday. So when I want to look put together without dressing up too much, I call on my trusty dark jeans. Today I have paired them with boots and a sweater. I have had these boots since high school and wear them often. The toe is seriously worn down, but they are so incredibly comfortable. Gorgeous supple leather and a heel height that is comfortable all day long is a hard to beat combination. I know I should replace them, but a pair of leather Etienne Aigner boots for a reasonable price aren't just going to fall into my lap.

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