August 31, 2010

Happy Dress

     Remember when I graduated from law school?  Well, underneath the robe in that bottom picture I was wearing this dress.  If you're curious as to why you haven't seen it featured here since, well, it's because I couldn't figure out how to wear it or what to wear it to.  Until last week!  I sucked it up, threw the dress on and tried on several blazers and cardigans until I came up with the combination below.  This blazer is the top half of my new suit.  It is a heather brown so its softer than a solid brown which I think ended up being the perfect blazer for this dress. 
    Speaking of this dress, I got several compliments on it.  The ladies in my new office all loved it.  Hell, I love it!  Its so summery and fresh and floral-y, it just makes me happy!  It's always nice to look down throughout the day and smile because my clothes makes me happy. 

The Details:
Dress: Bravissimo
Blazer: Worthington for JCPenney
Heels: Nine West

August 25, 2010

Weekend Wear

    This is what I wore Saturday.  As I mentioned yesterday, The Fiance took me out to eat Saturday night to cheer me up.  We went downtown, had dinner, then walked a couple of blocks to the riverfront area.  This area is absolutely beautiful and I wanted to match the atmosphere with this floral dress.  It is brand new to me as I got it at the consignment store before we moved.  I didn't want to wear heels so I opted for a pair of silver flip-flops that you can't really see in the picture.  Speaking of the picture, sorry for the quality of these and the last few posts.  I've been having to make do with my iphone camera and The Fiance instead of my Canon and the tripod.  The iphone/Fiance combo is ok, but it just isn't up to snuff.  Hopefully I'll be able to find my tripod soon so that I can resume taking pretty pictures.   

The Details:
Dress: consignment
Sandals: exhilaration for Target

August 23, 2010

Ups and Downs

See the awesome yard?!?!?!
     For whatever reason, I want to title this post "HI!!!"  But since that was essentially the title of my last blog post, I couldn't.  sad face :(   
     Anyway, life is pretty great right now.  Today was the start of my third week of work.  The Fiance and I had date night Saturday night and Sunday morning we went to the beach for a couple of hours.  Unfortunately, this weekend was not all great.  My mom called me Friday night to tell me that my cat at home had had another seizure and that she was pretty bad.  While I was on the phone with her, Charcoal (the kitty) made the saddest most painful meows I've ever heard.  My mom stayed up with my kitty all night until she died at around 2 am.  I wish I had been there.  It's been a tough few days for my family.  Sorry guys, I didn't mean for this to be such a downer. . . 
More awesome yard while gazing lovingly at The Fiance :)
    On a happy note I absolutely love our new house.  We have this amazing and huge backyard that just goes on and on and on.  Granted, at this point its so big because construction on this subdivision stopped when the economy tanked, but nonetheless, I love it.  The picture to the left really shows how large our yard is.  In case your curious, the reason my legs are cut off in the picture is that The Fiance thought it would be fun to systematically cut off parts of me with the camera.  So while this picture has all but my lower legs, I have others that have my whole body but only parts of my face.  True love, yes?
     Now on to today's outfit.  You might remember this skirt from this post.  For a while I had a mental block as to what to wear this green tweed skirt with.  I couldn't think of anything other than black to pair it with.  But THEN I was standing in my closet last night figuring out what to wear today and it occurred to me to grab the skirt and see if it would work with this sweater.  Lo and Behold, the greens and tans of the skirt worked perfectly with the dusty rose sweater.  
     So yea, life has been up and down.  Lots of ups like the new house, the new job and shopping along with some cute outfits.  But some downs too.  Oh well, such is life I suppose.  Hope your week started well. 

The Details:
Sweater: Loft
Skirt: Village (consignment)
Necklace: gift
Heels: Aldo 

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August 19, 2010


Hi guys, I'm back!

    I have a ton of things that I want to tell you about, so I may not get to all of it here in this one post.  More than likely new things will be sprinkled throughout the next several posts, so bear with me.

    Let me start out by saying that I have missed blogging like crazy.  I was super busy with studying for the bar and preparing to move that I just couldn't keep blogging anymore.  In fact, I couldn't really keep looking cute either.  It got to the point where I was spending most of my time in sweatpants and a tshirt, occasionally joined by a hoodie.  But that is over with.  I took the bar exam on July 27 and 28.  For those two days I was most definitely in sweats.  In fact, it was so cold in the building that anything else would have been a mistake.  I did manage to survive studying for and taking the bar, now I just have to wait until I get results.
    While I wait for results I shall be working.  As I mentioned before, I got a job in a small law firm.  We spent last week in a civil trial.  It was really cool to watch and learn.  As an aside, for the most part, unless something really cool happens, I won't be talking about work.  I just think its inappropriate and not really relevant.
     That being said, let me show you what I wore to work yesterday and tell you the story behind this outfit.  So, we had been in court for 3 days when I realized that I only had 3 full suits and 2 dresses that I can pair with blazers to make suits.  Clearly, this is unacceptable.  I attempted to go shopping Sunday evening, but the Marshalls we went to did not have a suit section.  I scoured Target and just didn't find anything I was ok with.  So, we planned an outing to the mall.  Stayed at work late Monday, so Tuesday as soon as I got home we turned around and left to go to the mall.   The mall here is small, but has everything I needed.  I sped-shopped (past tense for speed-shopping) and managed to find the above suit from JCPenney, a dress and peach top (above) from The Limited, and two short sleeve sweaters from Loft.  It was a very productive shopping trip in which I found what I was looking for and bought everything on sale or on final clearance.  In total I spent less than $175 for pieces that will work together and with the rest of my closet that I will be able to wear to work.  
    My favorite part about this suit is the high waisted skirt.  I was a bit apprehensive about how high waisted it was at first.  I didn't want to draw SOOOO much attention to my figure as my job isn't to be noticed, but rather to be an advocate for someone else.  However, after wearing it and feeling how comfortable it is to wear and seeing how nice it looks on, I think I'm sold.  The outfit definitely had a Mad Men feel to it, which I wasn't sure how I felt about, but overall, I'm thrilled with my purchase and hope I can go back and find the same suit in another color (or two!). 
    Before I forget, I wanted to make a note of this top.  I haven't walked into a The Limited store in several years.  Part of this is that the clothing is generally expensive and also because I haven't really fit their clothes either.  However, when I went to the mall on Tuesday, I figured I had nothing but a few minutes to lose by walking in there.  Most of their clothes is still out of my price range, but their clearance and sales racks surely aren't.  I tried on several pieces and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I not only fit their clothes, but that their biggest size, a 14, was too big for me.  In fact, this top, a Large, fit my chest just fine without any sort of problem.  This was a HUGE surprise as it is generally difficult for me to find tops that fit my bust.  Overall I'm very happy to discover that I can add The Limited back into the list of stores that fit me and look forward to going back there with more time (and money) to check out their stuff. 
The Details:
Top: The Limited
Suit: Worthington for JCPenney 
Heels: Aldo
Hose: L'eggs Sheer Energy
Pearls: Strung by me
Belt: Target

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