October 5, 2009

Leftovers from Belgium

1234The Summer of 2006 was my last summer in Undergrad before I graduated. I spent six weeks of that summer studying art history in Amsterdam, NL and Ghent, Belgium. The trip was incredible and I wouldn't trade my experience studying abroad for anything. I delved into a world and subject that I had absolutely *no* background in. I had never even thought of studying art history. But when it came down to it, I loved walking around museums and learning about the history and intricacies of Flemish and Belgian art. Challenging myself by studying a subject I had never tried was both hard and wonderfully rewarding. I definitely recommend studying abroad if the opportunity comes up. Moreover, the main lesson I learned was that by challenging myself and going out of my comfort zone I was able to face an unknown and grow intellectually as well as growing as a person.
1234Now back to the fashion part. While abroad my roommate was a girl named Corina. Well, at the end of our course Corina ended up leaving behind a pink striped skirt with some brown and cream flowers on it. I attempted to give it back to her while we were still in school, but alas, that didn't happen as we kept missing each other. Fast forward a few years to last week when I found the skirt in a box while I was cleaning. I have decided to wear it (even though I may get my seamstress neighbor to shorten it for me). Now, I have no idea what Corina wore with it, but I'm wearing brown tights, a dark green t-shirt and a chocolate brown blazer to bring it all together. As for accessories I was going to add a green and pink textile flower from Sew Lovely on etsy.com and a pair of brown-yellow snakeskin flats, but may hair cooperated this morning so it's in a barrette and I managed to cut my toe while clipping my toenails so I am wearing sandals instead of the flats. Funny how life gets in the way of planning. Either way, I like the look of the outfit and maybe when my toe feels better I can wear the flats with something else.

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