October 6, 2009

boots part deux

In my quest for knee high boots I went to Target in hopes of finding the ideal pair of boots for not a lot of $$$.  Well, I found two pairs that I really liked, but when I tried them on, I couldn't fit my calves AND jeans in them. :( This was the first pair of boots I tried on.  They are super cute, but because they didn't have a zipper and my calves are big, well, trying to get the jeans tucked into knee high boots look just wasn't going to happen.  This was all rather sad since they're pretty much the ideal boot I wanted.  The second pair of boots I tried on were a little funkier as they are gray and the top can be unfolded to create over the knee boots.  Alas! again the boots were just too narrow for my calves.  Target turned out to be a bust. 
I have also found a pair of boots from Old Navy.  These boots seem quite perfect.  They have a zipper and have a small heel.  I'm just afraid that they are too narrow for my calves.  Since they're available only online, I don't want to have to pay shipping for a pair of boots that I may very well end up returning because of my calves.  I did see these boots at Steinmart on Friday for a lot less than that listed price.  May end up getting those even though they have that buckle.  The plus side of course is that the shaft of  the boot is expandable.   
I think I'll probably just take a trip to the mall this week to see if there is anything out there and then make a decision.       

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