October 28, 2009

My rut

1234In the past, when it got cold, I would simply wear jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt everyday. If I felt daring, I would wear boots instead of sneakers. The summer was similar except that instead of sweaters it would be tanks or t-shirts and jeans. This changed a few months ago. I didn't realize I was in a rut until I got myself out of it. This blog is my way of making sure i don't end up in that rut again.
Now that I am out of my rut and have vowed to stay out, I have realized the depth or lack thereof of my wardrobe. As I have explained before, because of a limited budget, I tend to buy and collect pieces that are solid in color and function in multiple settings. This has essentially resulted in a color blocked wardrobe where I wear one color for bottoms and another for tops. In breaking out of my rut, I have attempted to mix that up. Part of it has been incorporating layers such as cardigans or blazers or tights. Another has been by exploring accessories such as necklaces and brooches and belts. The result (I hope) has been more interesting outfits that explore my personality rather than just a pair of items or colors thrown together.
1234Another way that I have added interest is by exploring outside of my comfort zone. Today is one such day. Yesterday while shopping for candy for our booth for the University's Halloween celebration, I came across a great long cardigan in a dark magenta on sale from Target. My first thought was, "I'm short, this thing is going to make me look REALLY short." Then, thinking about this post by Tiffany of I am Style-ish I decided to try it on. I was thinking, she's shorter than I am and looked fabulous in that long cardigan, maybe I will too. So I tried it on and fell in love with it. So much so that I searched around the sales rack and found the same one in a dark turquoise. Not only is it cute, it is super comfy and warm!

The Details:
Cardigan: Target Merona Brand
Lavender T-shirt: Target Mossimo Brand
Jeans: Old Navy The Dreamer Cut
Black Boots: Nine West

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