September 29, 2009

Cooling Down and Color

1234It seems that since Fall officially started last week, the weather has decided to cooperate (for now). I love cooler weather! Sweaters and jackets and scarves and boots all make me very happy. Yesterday morning when I woke up it was 50° F so I got to wear a comfy gray v-neck sweater and jeans. I added a hot pink tank underneath for a pop of color along with matching hot pink pumas. When it gets cooler its really easy to just slip into dark boring clothes. Have you ever noticed how much grays and browns get worn from October to March? Its just plain sad! That's why I like to add bursts of color when the weather cools down. Today for example I'm wearing mid-wash jeans, brown leather boots, a red sleeveless blouse and a cream cardigan.
1234The necklace I'm wearing is one that a co-worker's sister in law made. She makes beautiful jewelry and I fell in love with this necklace when I saw I could layer it to change how it looks. I have become more attune to chunky necklaces since reading this post and this from Inside Out Style about the proportions of large busts and larger necklaces.
Back to the original point. Obviously, I'm not afraid of color. In fact, I love expressing myself through color. Unfortunately, too many people, especially law school students and lawyers in general are afraid of color. I understand the need for a great versatile dark suit, but a brightly colored or jewel toned blouse or button down underneath is MUCH better than a standard white or cream blouse. It shows personality, the ability to think for oneself and just plain looks good, all of which are qualities any client would want their lawyer to possess.

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Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Thanks for the link love! Keep on using colour - who wants to live in a black and white world!

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