October 27, 2009


Today was the University's Halloween celebration for local kids. Because I think that working in the community is important, my organization participated. Part of the celebration was dressing up of course. Well, given that I knew it would be a busy day, I decided to just wear something that could transform into a costume (hence the title of the post. I'm smart, huh?) Anyway, so for the celebration I decided to dress up as a gypsy. This made changing what I wore all day to the costume SUPER easy. All I had to do is add some jewelry and a piece of cloth and I instantly became a gypsy.
Something that I've noticed is that I have been wearing my tan boots a lot lately. Same for the new target belt that I wore today. Part of it is that I like both a lot and they go with a lot of things. But I don't want to be repetitive. I may have to consciously give each a hiatus. Not sure. Any ideas?

The Details:
Brown Tiered Skirt: Old Navy
White Blouse: Target Mossimo brand
Boots: Candie's (not shown in the pics)
Belt: Target Mossimo brand
Dark Blue Tights: Marks & Spencer

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A-C said...

P.S. you can definitely see both cats in the background in the gypsy pic.

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