October 15, 2009

Pashmina + Trench Coat on Fall Break

1234Today was the start of Fall Break. Of course our fall break is only a 4 day weekend, but its still nice to have a break in the middle of the semester. I could have chosen to stay home and veg out with Bella, Luna and Sherbert. Instead I went to work after a gyno appointment. Everything in the girly department looks good :) Let me take this chance to provide a public service announcement. No matter the size of your breasts or your family history or lack thereof of breast cancer, do monthly breast exams! Also, a yearly pap smear could easily detect cervical cancer before its too late. Click here for more information on women's health issues.
1234Taking a cue from E. at academichic I decided I would try my light blue pashmina for the day. Well, it was cold so I grabbed my trench coat and went on my merry way. I got the pashmina while I was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain during the summer of 2005. For those of you who don't personally know me, I lived in Barcelona from '98-'00 when my parents decided to move our family of four in order to give my sister and myself a "cultural experience." I absolutely loved it there, so when I had the opportunity to go back and study abroad I took it. Because I had lived there before and knew the city well, I acted as a sort of Mommy duck and led my friends around the city until they were able to get their bearings. We all had a lot of fun and one day while walking down the Passeig de Gracia, we stopped in front of Casa Batllo and I bought this blue pashmina. Its very soft and I love the color. Even though I have worn it before as a wrap, I had never tried to wear it as a scarf. Until today that is. I absolutely loved trying something different and it definitely brightened up the black button down shirt I wore.
1234Something I realized while putting the outfit together was that even though I was covered in brand names I didn't pay full price for any of it. I'm not a super bargain hunter. I don't stalk an item in a store until it goes on sale. I just simply refuse to pay full price for anything unless its an absolute must. I love sales and looking for coupons online is so easy that it feels like I'm throwing money away if I don't try. I also try to keep my shopping under control until I can find my way to an outlet store. Outlet stores rock especially for finding staples such as button downs and trousers. Outlet stores + coupons are even better!
Oh and by the way, the reason the first pic up top and to the left looks odd is that my camera is slowly dying after 6 years of faithful service. Luckily this picture was rescue-able and turned out pretty cool. Most pictures unfortunately turn purple and bleed. So we'll see how I manage to keep the blog up to date with pictures if my camera dies. Hopefully if I get some ad revenue I can replace my camera.

The Details:
Trench coat: Old Navy
Trousers: Banana Republic Outlet
Boots: Nine West
Button down: Zara
Earrings: Blue Nile

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