February 3, 2012

Triple Threat

      As you can tell from my previous post, I don't always wear suits to work.  They are, however, really easy to wear.  I just decide whether I want a skirt or pantsuit, choose a top and shoes and I'm out the door.  Awesome, right?  Also kinda boring.  I combat the boring trend this in one of 2 ways: switching up the skirt and pantsuit options and not wearing suits at all.  Also, I try to not wear the same suit over and over again.  (Bonus: less wear on my suits that way).  Nonetheless, I do find myself wearing suits on a pretty regular basis.  I feel comfortable in them and enjoy the ease with which they allow me to get dressed.  I guess its a hazard of working in court.
    One thing I have learned from shopping for suits is that its imperative to find an ensemble for which I can get a skirt option and a pants option.  I have yet to find the elusive triple threat of skirt, pants and dress, but I'm always searching.  The pluses are pretty obvious, you get 2 suits for the price of 3 separates.  Add in the different combinations of tights, shoes and tops one can include and you end up with several different looks with the same basic pieces.  Hell, if you want to get incredibly creative, all you have to do is add a solid matching jacket or cardigan and now you've got even MORE combination possibilities.  The point is, that if its possible and you need it and its not going to financially bankrupt you, I totally recommend buying the skirt + pants + jacket trio for suits.    

January 31, 2012

Christmas Present

THIS is what I got for Christmas from the Fiance.  Behold it in all its awesome glory.

January 29, 2012

wedding table

wedding table

IKEA Borrby
$15 - ikea.com

$13 - ikea.com

IKEA Fenomen
$9.99 - ikea.com

IKEA Rotera
$3.99 - ikea.com

IKEA Rotera
$3.99 - ikea.com

IKEA Tindra
$3.49 - ikea.com

IKEA Tindra
$3.49 - ikea.com

IKEA Kåraboda
$2.99 - ikea.com

IKEA Rektangel
$2.49 - ikea.com

January 27, 2012

(un)suited up!

I've worn this combination of skirt + jacket + tights + shoes before here.  And ya know what?  That doesn't matter because I love this combination.  I'm able to look put together without wearing a full suit *and* my outfit has some personality.  It's not like everyone else wears velvet jackets and booties to court all the time.  Even Bella approves!

January 24, 2012

Rainy Days

     When I first saw this dress I thought of rainy days and how things look distorted through the rain and puddles.  Its really what made me like it in the first place.  That and the price.  I thought I was going to pay $32.99 for the dress, but when I got to the register it rang up as $21.77 including tax.  Pretty great find if I do say so myself.
     Today I decided to pair it with gray tights from Assets (ie Spanx) and gray heels.  I figured that the gray would work with the colors best and still keep me warm.  In addition I added a dark blue blazer and a dark blue cardigan for when I'm in court or in my office (assuming it gets cold today, which I doubt).  I really like the simplicity of letting the dress be the focal point and allowing the tights and jacket/sweater to be supporting members of the cast.  

January 21, 2012

Comfy Fridays

     I love Fridays!  It signals the end of the week, sure, but it also means I can go to work in something less than court attire.  In my county, at least, we don't generally have attorney court on Fridays.  It *is* possible that I'll do a plea or have to run to court real quick to continue a case, but more than likely (like 99.9% likely) I'm not going to be standing in front of a judge on a Friday.  Thus the comfy/casual Friday look you see here.  Now, don't get me wrong, its not like I'm wearing yoga pants to work.  And if I had to appear in court I always have a blazer and heels in my office to transform whatever casual outfit into a court appropriate outfit.  In fact, whenever I wear jeans to work on Fridays and I think I just *might* need to appear in front of a judge, I always bring a pair of pants to change into.  
     But I think I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit, so let me explain a bit about "court appropriateness."  Generally, I wear a suit or suit separates to work Monday through Fridays.  The reason being that I more than likely will be in court and thus in front of a judge.  Now, there is no dress code nor are there hard and fast rules for what is appropriate for court, but there are lines in the sand that I personally draw.  For example, I will always have a blazer or a jacket in court because to me, at least, its a nod to the formality and importance of the court.  I'll also not wear mini skirts or short dresses to court either for the same reason.  My goal in court is to be professional and represent my clients with the utmost respect for the court.  To me, at least, showing up to court looking sloppy or half exposed just doesn't do it for me.  In the end, it really just comes down to: what would my client like me to look like when I represent them?  

January 18, 2012

Test Run

Hi!  So I've been thinking about this blog a lot.  And I've concluded that I've missed blogging, or at least parts of blogging anyway.  What that means for this little slice of the internet is that I'm going to do a test run of blogging again and depending on how that goes will determine whether I continue to blog and how much. And with that having been said. . .

I need your help my wonderful blogging community that I have missed .  You see, I bought this dress on Monday and I'm not 100% sure I should keep it.  I feel like it looks good on and its flattering on me, but is it *too* flattering?  Yes, I know its kind of a dumb question, but the reason I ask is that I plan on wearing this dress to work.  And for me, work is court and the office.  In court I would definitely wear this with a jacket, which looks great by the way as the top part blouses rather nicely.  But is it too form fitting otherwise?  What do you guys think?  Am I totally overthinking this or is there a grain of truth somewhere to my madness?  I guess when it comes down to it, would you like your lawyer to wear this to represent you?  Do you feel its professional and appropriate?  Help, please?!?!
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