October 14, 2009

Consignment Shop Shopping

    Retail therapy was at its best last Thursday. I had gotten some not great news earlier in the day from my doctor, so I needed something to distract me. Luckily I don't live near the mall, so the only retail store on my way home was a consignment shop. I have been there several times and almost every time I find something really nice. This time around I stumbled upon a skirt I had first seen about a month ago. I didn't buy it then because it was full price at $19. Later that week I went back and couldn't find it. In retrospect, it was probably moved to another part of the store. When I went on Thursday, I found it and it was on sale!!! I paid $4.35 for the skirt!
    So, despite the cold and rainy-ness, I am wearing the skirt today. I have paired the yellow linen skirt with a forest green sweater, my tan suede boots, and a brown leather belt. Now, as I mentioned here I haven't really done the belt over sweater thing before, but for whatever reason it completed my outfit today. The Fiance even agreed! (funny story below) In addition, to keep myself warm I am wearing tights under the skirt and boots to keep the cold wind from freezing my legs. I guess I have taken Luinae's advice on layering to heart.
     The funny story: I tried on the boots and skirt last night to show the Fiance to see what he thought of the yellow and tan together. Well, at the time I was wearing a royal blue t-shirt. Apparently when I rounded the corner into the living room where he was, out of the corner of his eye it looked like I was dressing up for Halloween as Snow White. I now know NOT to wear this skirt with royal blue or else I will look like this all over again.

Pics to come!

Update: Here are the pics. . .

I included both pics so you can see the true color of the skirt and the little rascal that distracted me thus making me look weird in the pic on the left.

The Roundup:
Sweater: Old Navy
Belt: H&M (I think)
Boots: Candie's
Black Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Consignment Store
Tights you can't see: Target Merona brand


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I've never tried shopping in consignments shops, but there is a couple downtown so I may try some!

A-C said...

You definitely should! Even though Fiance likes calling it the "Used Clothes Store" I think there are several benefits to shopping in a consignment store: 1. It's Cheap, 2. It's Green, 3. Did I mention it's cheap?

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