April 13, 2011

My Wedding Dress Story

     Clearly, this dress is WAAAAAAAAAAY too long.  But I just haven't been able to get it hemmed yet.  So I've worn it as is a few times.  I got it last summer.  J.Crew was having a factory outlet sale where I got this dress and this red dress.  On top of the ridiculously low prices, we had a 20% off coupon, so both dresses ended up being ~$50.  
    Oh, AND I bought my wedding dress there too.  For $32.34 if I remember correctly.  I'm sure you're wondering how one buys a wedding dress for that much, but let me tell you, every once in a while I have the most amazing shopping serendipity you could imagine.  
     So here's the story.  My friend Jenn and I went to the outlet on a Thursday and I bought the first two dresses.  We decided to go again the next morning with some friends because they hadn't had a chance to go.  So when we went the second time, since we had already looked through most of the things there, we decided to go through the formal dresses.  Let me go ahead and explain how the store was set up.  The sale took place in a vacant building where the J.Crew people set up folding tables with boxes of clothes on and under each table.  Each box had a size and category like sweater or pants or whatever.  There were no dressing rooms so people were trying things on however they could in the middle of this big room.  Oh and there was no air conditioning either. 
     So Jenn and I were digging through the formal dresses and the wedding dresses and I pulled out a few in varying shades of white, ivory and champagne.  I tried them on on top of the dress I was wearing to see if they fit and one looked pretty good.  One passed this initial test so we walked on over to the wall so that I could shimmy into the potential wedding dress and out of my springy dress.  Luckily we had a guy friend with us and after getting his boy approval along with my mom's text approval, I bought the dress.  The Fiance knows about the dress of course.  Luckily he hasn't gotten curious about it as its been chilling in a garment bag in an upstairs closet since I got it.  Here is where I would normally put up a picture of the dress, but since I know the Fiance checks the blog every now and again, I can't post it. For those of you that have bought wedding dresses, what's your wedding dress story?

The Details:
Dress: J.Crew
Tank: Old Navy
Sandals: Aerosoles
Necklace: Consignment

April 6, 2011


     I wore this a few weeks ago to work.  This of course was before I found out about my bar exam results.  But really, nothing's changed.  I can't practice law until I've been sworn in and I can't be sworn in until after I get my license.  And it will take a good 3 weeks for that to happen.  So, while I've received good news, now I get to sit around and wait for a piece of paper to get to my house.  *sigh*  At least if I'm going to be useless still, its only for a limited amount of time, right? RIGHT?!?!?
    So yea. . . I don't have a whole lot to say other than, um, thanks for dropping by! (?)  I'm tired guys.  I got up at 6:25 so I could get to work by 8 to go to an all day deposition.  I'm hoping for some cuddles then sleep soon as I'm feeling kinda useless I'm so tired.  So I hope you have a great Wednesday!

The Details: 
Henley: Old Navy
Skirt: Liz Claiborne (consignment)
Tights: Hanes
Booties: Tsubo

April 4, 2011


     Look kids, an outfit post!  Last time I posted an outfit I was waxing poetic about these shoes and how they go with everything including white pants.  Well this is the outfit to which I was referring.  I wore this outfit a week or so ago, just after the first day of Spring.  Bella and I were clearly loving the warm weather.  In fact, I've been looking forward to wearing these white linen pants for the past 2 months.  In fact, I've been waiting to wear several of my linen pieces for a while.  I'm really quite a fan of this beautiful fabric.  In spite of its habit of wrinkling by just looking at it, linen adds great texture and movement to an outfit.  Plus, it just fits in perfectly in summery and warm weather.      

The Details:
Top: Loft
Pants: Talbots Similar Also Similar
Heels: Nine West
Necklace: made by me


     How often do you say thank you? I try to say it after every time someone does something for me. The truth is that, sometimes that just doesn't cover it. And while I sometimes wonder what I would say if I were recognized in front of my peers √° la the Oscars, that's just not going to happen.  Sadly there are no awards shows for lawyers or daughters or sisters or wives.  So instead, tonight, I give you my Oscar speech, because I have quite a bit to be thankful for.

     I have big news for you, I just found out Monday evening that I passed the bar.  I am so excited about this accomplishment, it’s hard to describe.  But in reality, I'm not the only that should take credit for it.  Yes, I studied for the exam and took it, but for the support of the people that matter the most in my life, I would not be here.  So for that, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
     First, my parents: thank you for teaching me to persevere.  For supporting me in whatever manner you could after I found out I failed and for teaching me to keep trying until I passed.  Thank you for believing in me, for praying for me, for telling me you love me.  Thank you for being great examples of leadership and wisdom.  
     To my teachers and professors: thank you for offering your support, even after I had left the halls in which you teach.  Thank you for taking the time to care, sending me an email and congratulating me on Facebook in adorably dorky ways.  Thank you for sharing with me your passion for the law and learning, even if it wasn't strictly in the syllabus.  
    Thank you to the Firm.  Without your support and understanding that I needed to take 2 months off to study, I may not have been able to pass.  Thank you for being flexible and not judging me as a failure back in August.  
     To my friends, thank you for being supportive as well.  It made me feel better to think that you all were astonished at my failing and that you fully expected me to pass this second time around.  Thanks for the cards, the pep talks and the reality checks.   
     To my sister, there is more to you and I than just sisters. 
We are friends, and for that friendship I am thankful.  For your help with X-mas gifts to giving me a place to stay while I took the exam, thank you.

     Thank you to my Fianc√©.  Thank you for holding my hand, for telling me it would all be ok when I needed it, and for kicking my butt in to gear when I needed that instead.  Thank you for understanding when I needed to chill in the bathtub for a while or that walking Bella wasn't just for her benefit.  Thank you for the discovery that Sam Adams Cherry Beer + chocolate chip cookies is just what I need sometimes.  Thank you for being my biggest fan.
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