November 1, 2009

Life/School balance

    I got my exam schedule a couple of weeks ago.  Objectively speaking, its not bad other than having to hardship one of my exams because two of them are on the same day.  Subjectively, my exam schedule SUCKS!  
    My best friend's wedding is in the middle of my exams.  I was hoping I wouldn't have an exam later than the Thursday before the wedding or earlier than Tuesday after wedding.  I'm not that lucky.  The exam before the wedding is Thursday afternoon and the one after is Monday afternoon.  This means that if I can make it to the wedding, I have to fly in late Thursday or sometime Friday and fly out on Sunday.  Also, I have to figure out a way to study while there AND get a bridesmaid's dress too.  Luckily my younger sister is rolling in the dough (not really but more than I am) and she is letting me borrow the money for that weekend.  Isn't she awesome? *I* think so.  :) (Hi Mo!) The picture shows the dress I'm wearing to the wedding but in black. 
    This quandary has led me to think about balancing life with school work.  I'm lucky in that I won't have to miss work to go to the wedding, but at the same time, I have to study while I'm there, which isn't sounding like a great idea right about now.  Given that my job right now is to go to class and do well on my exams, I'm kind of putting my "job" at risk by going to the wedding.  
    Then again, I love Evelyn and Greg so much that the thought of not being there when they begin their new life together makes me really sad and unhappy.  I've known them both since high school and was there when they decided to put aside their ridiculous play fight flirting and start dating.  So I have to figure out how to strike a balance between my schoolwork.  Hopefully that weekend the balance will work out so that I can have fun and still manage to study and do well on my exams.     

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