November 6, 2009


1234Today I decided I would do something different. I didn't realize what it would be until I was inspired by Bright Side Dweller's post and The Glamorous Grad Student's post. I wanted to incorporate the belt over a sweater from Bright Side Dweller's outfit, but didn't know how to do it until I thought of The Glamorous Grad Student's post and found a black ribbon.
1234I was trying to use several of my brown and black belts with what I'm wearing, but because of the discrepancy in size between my waist and hips, the belts just wouldn't sit on my waist. They would just slide down. Thinking about giving up, I realized I still had the black ribbon. The ribbon came from a blouse that looked odd with a tie around the waist, so I had my mom remove it. But I kept the ribbon just in case. And today was that just in case. I decided a bow would be cute and feminine and would highlight my waist effectively. I added the purple necklace for some color in my otherwise black and cream outfit and incorporated the purple in my eyeshadow (although it seems to have mostly disappeared). For now I'll leave you with a small closeup picture and when I get home I'll make sure to upload a full body pic. (Above picture taken with my laptop built-in camera in not so great lighting, sorry!)

The Details:
Cream Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Black Pencil Skirt:
Black to Gray Ombre tights: Target Xhilaration brand
Black Heels: Nine West
Purple/Black Necklace: Target


A-C said...

Oooh glad to have provided some outfit inspiration! I look forward to seeing the full outfit photo :-)

From A of The Glamourous Grad Student via email

A said...

Very chic!

Chelsea said...

Love the ribbon! Thanks for the mention :)

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