November 20, 2009

Photography + Inspirations

I had originally started this post with this:
I have been looking at my pictures on the blog and have come to the conclusion that the lighting in my house is awful. If I take a picture inside, the light is either too bright (kitchen pictures) or not bright enough (everywhere else). Even though I try to take pictures outside, they still look bad. Because I tend to take outside pictures with Bella who is busy being a puppy, I don't have enough time to frame a picture and try different settings all while relying on the camera that is on a tripod 10 feet away. I'm not really sure how, but I really want to make sure that my pictures are of a better quality. Anybody have any suggestions (other than get a new camera)?

    But now, I may have no other choice than to get a new camera.   As you can see from my outfit pictures for today, my camera is dying.  And it is a slow and painful death.  Just for reference, the pants are gray, the cardigan is black, cream and gray and normally my skin isn't purple in tint.  Nor, as the picture below seems to indicate, do I blur sideways. 
    So what's a blogging girl to do?  The Fiance's camera is even older than mine and isn't anywhere near as cool or useful as mine.  His doesn't even have a 10 second timer!  
    I'm seriously considering looking at Black Friday ads to see if I can find a decent point and shoot for under ~$100.  It's tough buying a new camera, especially a point and shoot, when there are so many other things I could use the money on (like shoes!  KIDDING!)   Of course, if I could have my way I would be buying a Digital SLR, preferably a Canon Rebel.  Luckily I have a week to think about this and research to make sure that if I *do* decide to get a camera, it's the best one for me and my money.
    Now, on to the clothes.  Earlier today I saw S's post on Academichic talking about where she gets her style inspirations.  Oddly enough, I got my style inspiration today from A of Academichic in this post.  After I saw her do a cardigan, top + scarf, I decided I would try to use the same items of clothing but bring them together differently.  I too went mostly monochromatic, sticking to gray, black and cream.  But to make the outfit special, I chose to add a red scarf that my sister gave me a few years ago and matching red sling backs.  I love the idea of incorporating a pop of color or two into an outfit, especially if the color brings the outfit together and completes it. Where do you get your style inspirations and how do you make them your own?
And, does anyone have any suggestions for cameras? 

The Details
Gray pants: Gap Outlet
Black tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: Sam's Club (swear!)
Red Scarf: Target
Red heels: Nine West


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Oh no! You don't want your camera turning you into a purple person! I know it's not fun to have to spend the money, when it seems like there are so many better things to spend on, but you should look at a camera as an investment. You take pictures with it almost every day for the blog, and you will want one that works when you gather with friends or family for holidays and important events. I have a cannon powershot sd. I would love a rebel, but honestly for what I use my camera for the powershot is more than adequate. In fact, I'm not as good at using all of its features as I should be. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of good deals on Black Friday.

A-C said...

Thanks! I've been thinking about your comment a bunch. I'm slightly considering finding a no interest for X amount of months credit card or in-store credit card and just buying a great camera. My reasoning is that I'm going to be taking pics daily for the blog, but also of the puppy as she grows. And quite frankly, I *love* taking pictures and would take more if I had a great camera I could play with and customize. What do you think?

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

Get a Canon, and then install CHDK on the memory card. That amazingly unleashes the full power of the camera, and makes it do really amazing stuff !

A-C said...

The problem is WHICH Canon? I am currently deciding between a Powershot SX120IS and a Powershot SX20IS. Do you have any special expertise Eternal Voyageur?

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