November 16, 2009

Repurposing a dress

I wasn't 100% sold on this outfit this morning.  I had intended to wear dark gray tights instead of the heather ones in the picture, but I ended up not shaving my legs last night and so I couldn't wear my rather sheer dark gray tights and opted for heather gray ones hoping it would work.  I spent a good chunk of the morning worrying if the gray tights looked odd, but after a while I simply put it out of my mind.  1. I was already wearing them and 2. I have more important things to worry about.  So, I continued on with my day.  I got home, took my pictures and came to realize that I actually really like the outfit, even with the heather gray tights!  Sometimes, a picture is all you need to convince you of your own cuteness.  
Well, after I got home and did the Bella required things, I went to my neighbor's house with a few items of clothing that I hope to re-purpose.  One of those is the light aqua dress in the picture above.  The dress no longer fits my bust, but because I love the color and the fabric and the shape, I wanted to see if it was possible to turn the dress into a skirt.  It turns out  that it is and I will probably have it, along with a few other re-purposed items and a spectacular consignment store find, sometime in the next week or two.   
I really do think that closet shopping and altering old clothes in order to re-purpose them is a great way to save money, conserve resources and stay green.  It's pretty easy to turn a dress into a skirt, essentially just cut it and add some elastic or a zipper.  Do any of you have any other creative ways to recycle clothing? 

The Details:
Aqua dress: Mango
White button down: Banana Republic Outlet
Navy Blue Sweater: Gap
Brown Belt: H&M 
Heather Gray tights: Target Xhilaration brand
Black pumps: Nine West

P.S. You can see my pedometer on my belt!


Evie said...

I <3 this outfit!! You look so freaking cute!!!

Sarah Von said...

Love the color of that skirt!

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