November 19, 2009

Clothes + Memories

    Yesterday I wore a red velvet shirt that used to belong to my dad.  About 10 years ago, I stole this shirt from his closet, and have worn it every once in a while ever since.  It is horribly unflattering yet comfortable and warm and full of good thoughts.  I've chosen not to add a pic of me in this horribly unflattering shirt b/c 1. the pictures I took turned out purple and bleeding (my digital camera is dying a slow and painful death) and 2. its terribly unflattering. :-p
    Instead, I wanted to talk about how certain items of clothing or outfits hold memories.  One example is the red velvet shirt that was my dad's.  Another is the skirt I wore today.  At my High School Graduation I won an award that came with a $300 check.  A day or two after graduation, my younger sister, best friend and I went to this really awesome mall where I spent $150.  One item I got was the linen skirt I wore today.  Every time I wear it or think of it, this skirt reminds me of my sister and best friend shopping and enjoying how young we were.  
    Another item that holds special memories is a gold cross that my grandmother gave me several years ago.  I don't remember why she gave it to me, but I do know that her mother had given it to her.  I don't wear it often, but it sits in my jewelry box and every time I look at it, it makes me happy and reminds me of her.  
    All in all, there are lots of different items of clothing or outfits, that for whatever reason remind me of certain places, occasions or people.  What items remind you of certain things and why?

The Details:
Green Sweater: Forever 21
Beige linen skirt: Papaya (yes its beige, I told you the camera is dying)
Brown tights: Target Merona Brand control top
Brown boots: Etienne Aigner

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La Historiadora de Moda said...

I have a skirt that a dear friend of mine made for me. I always think of her when I wear it. I also have various items of clothing that I bought on memorable shopping trips with friends, which calls them to mind.

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