November 7, 2009

Engagement Ring

1234I know that I've mentioned that I'm engaged, but I wanted to show you all my engagement ring. Sometime in December 2008, bf and I were sitting on the couch cuddling and I mentioned that I couldn't wait until we were engaged and/or married. BF then told me that he planned on going ring shopping in January. Well, of course, I started to cry. I couldn't believe it!
1234January 31, 2009 rolls around and bf tells me that we're going to the mall. We went to look at rings, and I might have given him a heart attack while looking at some serious diamonds valued around $6,000. We then went to Zales where we got some great service and I found a beautiful 3/4 karat princess cut solitaire diamond in a 14k white gold setting. I told bf that *this* was the ring I wanted, in this setting and everything. It was gorgeous.
1234Fast-forward a few months and bf became the Fiance. He didn't get me the exact ring we looked at, but it is extraordinary! It is a .73 karat princess cut diamond in a 14k white gold cathedral setting. This ring rocks my socks off! I fell for it because it is simple and classic. I can feel comfortable wearing it anywhere and everyday without ever feeling gaudy or that I'm calling attention to myself. In fact, I don't ever want to take it off (except to go to bed). In fact, when Fiance got the ring, they included free engraving. But of course that would mean not having it for 3 weeks and I just don't know that I can handle that. Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll get it engraved eventually, especially since I already know what to get engraved: 8-9-09. That's the date we got engaged. I'm sure that eventually I'll write about how we got engaged, but for now I'll just leave you with a pair of pictures of the setting: the beach at Palmas del Mar in Humacao, Puerto Rico.


A said...

Very elegant and chic choice of ring! Any further luck with the dress?

A-C said...

No luck yet with the dress. Probably going to take a friend (+ camera) shopping again sometime soon. Might try to find another store.

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