November 3, 2009

Life savers

1234I guess this post could fall under the category of "details" but it feels like there should be something more specific for what I'm about to talk about. You see, while getting dressed this morning, I realized that because of the cut of my bra, the whole world would see my bra under my V-neck sweater. This is true even after I put a tank on underneath the sweater. So I thought to myself, what can remedy this situation? Well, my first thought was Hollywood fashion tape! And then I remembered that I ran out. Well, in the spirit of being creative and desperate, I decided to try some plain old double sided tape. It worked! So today, my outfit is being held together and kept decent by some Scotch double sided tape. Is there anything you've used when desperate to keep an outfit together that wasn't meant to be used for fashion?

The Details:
Chinos: Gap Outlet
Green Tank: Old Navy
Sweater: American Eagle
Snakeskin Flats: Nine West

P.S. Sorry for the crappy quality of the above picture.

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