January 24, 2011

Shopping Karma

    If you follow me on twitter, you know that I went shopping  last Wednesday.  And guys, I got *really* lucky.  Old Navy is not a store I normally shop at.  Its been a long time since anything in the store fit me well and so I pretty much gave up on it.  It came out of my shopping rotation slowly as I tend to really like their style, but the fit just wasn't there.  But since I found the skinny cords that I'm wearing in these pictures, I decided I would give it another try.  So Wednesday evening we headed in to town and the Fiance dropped me off at Old Navy while he went to get his hair cut. My purpose for the shopping expedition was to find more casual non-blue jean pants. 
    I made a beeline for the Clearance section and got LUCKY.   Everything in the clearance section was an additional 40% off of the ticketed price.  My first trip to the dressing room consisted of a few pairs of pants.  Only the skinny cords in blue fit.  The second time through the Clearance section though, I hit jackpot.  I found a really cute bird and leaf print dress, light pink cardigan, skinny gray cargo pants and black jeggings.  Since everything was on clearance and the last time I went to Old Navy I got one of those surveys on the receipt that give you 10% off, everything was way cheap.  All in all I left Old Navy with 3 pairs of pants, a cardigan and a dress for about $25 and change.  How awesome is that?
    Anyway, this is what I wore to go on my quest.  Normally when I go shopping I think of the ease of getting into and out of a fitting room.  Despite taking that into consideration, I decided to go with my knee high boots anyway.  They're easy to slip on and off and since earlier in the day it had rained, I didn't have to worry about wet feet or hems.  They were a smidge annoying in the dressing room, but really, aren't most shoes other than flip flops?
    When it came down to the jewelry though, I got stuck.  I was looking in the mirror and all I could think was "This outfit needs some sparkle."  I looked through my jewelry and didn't find exactly what I wanted, but figured this necklace would do in a pinch.  I've never worn it before as its an odd shape.  I think it ended up being the right amount of sparkle and the perfect piece for this U-shaped neckline.  I got the necklace when I ordered some hair clips from the Sew Lovely etsy shop.  She was kind enough to add this necklace in as a surprise bonus to my order. 

What do you wear when you go shopping?  Found any spectacular deals lately?

The Details:
Pants: Old Navy Similar Skinnies
Necklace: gift Etsy
Sunglasses: Guess by way of Marshalls        
Similar Also Similar  
These aren't really similar, but I kind of want them. 

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