January 17, 2011


     Ya know what one of my favorite parts of blogging has been?  Crashing through self-imposed boundaries.  This outfit, for example, crashes through SEVERAL.  Let's go down the list, shall we?
    1. Long Flowy top.  Normally I steer way the hell away from these types of tops.  I have big boobs and flowy tops just make me look big.  Because there's no defined waist, flowy tops just hang down from my largest part, the boobs and make it look like the rest of me is that big.  In reality, I have a much smaller waist.  I got this pink pin-tucked top when my sister returned from my parent's house with it over her Christmas break.  Mom didn't wear it ever so she asked if I wanted it.  I said sure not knowing how big the top would be.  I had no idea how to wear it until I asked Sally in the comments to this post
     2. Super skinny pants.  As mentioned above, I have big boobs.  Normally I prefer to balance them out with wider leg pants.  Skinny pants tend to make me look like I'm a big ball balanced on itty bitty toothpicks.  Not the cutest look overall.  But I got these pants anyway.  I've wanted pants that I could easily tuck into boots without squishing them up around my ankles.  When I went to Old Navy a couple of weekends ago I stumbled upon the sales rack and found that the super skinny cords were on sale for $8.79!  So of course I tried them on, figured out that they fit into my boots easily and got them.  The other advantage to these pants is that I didn't have any non-jean casual pants before I got them.  Besides, why not try out a trend for less than $10?  
    3. Denim jacket.  I've owned this jacket for years.  I may have worn it once before.  The reason is that I'm not a big fan of denim on denim.  A denim suit just doesn't do it for me.  And since I didn't own non-denim casual pants before these skinnies, there wasn't anything for me to wear my denim jacket with.  Until now that is. 
    When you add all these together you get the outfit to the right.  And let me tell you, I love it!  Part of it is the look and a whole other part is that I've crashed through some self-imposed boundaries all at the same time with some great results. 

The Details:
Blouse:Antilia Femme  Similar in Black or in Pink
Skinny Corduroy Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Candie's Similar Boots

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