January 14, 2011

My Closet

    "A place for everything and everything in its place"

      One of the best parts of our move in August is the master bedroom closet.  It is HUGE!  The Fiance and I divided it up more or less up the middle and we each have more space than we did in the old house combined.  For this I am *very* grateful.  Unfortunately, its allowed me to keep a lot of stuff that I need to go through and get rid of.  But that's not what this post is about.  This is about how I organize my closet.  I saw this post on Kendi Everyday and figured I would show you my closet too. 
     This past weekend The Fiance suggested we organize the closet better.  For the most part it was fine, but he wanted to put some towels in the closet.  So we switched around his shoes and I put my belts on hooks behind the door.  This freed up space on the built in shelves in the closet.  I took advantage of the extra freed up space to fold some bulky sweaters that work best folded than hung up.  One of the shelves is mine to put my bras and other under things on.  I've found that bras last longer if I have a shelf to lay them on.  In this picture you'll also notice that I have a step ladder in my closet.  Its not because we couldn't figure out another place to store it.  Rather its because I'm short.  I can reach almost everything in the closet EXCEPT for the very top shelf where I've been storing my scarves.  Smart, right?  I'm looking for somewhere else or another way to store them, any ideas? 
     The other thing that I have plenty of is shoes.  I am lucky enough to have a shoe rack where all of my heels fit.  Believe it or not they're also organized in a specific way.  The top row is work heels, ie the ones I wear most often.  The second row is heels that I wear every once in a while and the bottom row is special occasion heels along with those that are currently not in season like my gold thong sandal heels.  Sadly, not all of my shoes fit in it.  I have a few pairs of boots that don't fit.  They're found laying on the floor under my pants, long skirts and suits.
    This last picture shows  another aspect of using all the available wall space to my advantage.  Like hanging my belts in the picture above, I've been hanging my pins and brooches.  I have been using the little doll face my aunt made and sent me for this use.  Its always fun to look in my closet and see that happy little face smiling back at me.  If you're interested in having a smiley face brooch holder of your very own, I'll be posting them and several other crafties on Etsy this weekend.  This wall is also where I've placed my laundry hamper.  In our old house there wasn't enough room in the closet to put both my and The Fiance's closet and stand in it at the same time, so I really appreciate being able to put EVERYTHING I need and want in our closet and still have room left over to actually get dressed in there.  
     Despite having all this room, there is a whole bunch of other clothes that I store in a chest of drawers in the bedroom.  Luckily for me my chest of drawers doubles as the stereo stand and The Fiance's chest of drawers doubles as the TV stand, so its not like they're in the way.  The clothes that gets stored in there is stuff like socks, undies, PJs and T-shirts.  Now that I've shown you how I organize my clothes and shoes, its your turn.  How do you organize your clothes?  How often do you revamp your organizational methods?  Found something that you just can't live without and are dying to share?

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