January 10, 2011

"new" to me

     This outfit makes me really happy, and there are a couple of reasons for it.  First, its makes me happy because 2 of the items, the sweater and jacket, are "new-ish" to me, but not new.  You see, my little sister spent her Christmas break at my parent's house in Puerto Rico.  While there, she rummaged through my closet as well as my mom's and brought me back some of her plunder.  This jacket, for example, has been hanging in my closet at home for years.  I bought it on a whim because it was on sale and never wore it.  Seriously, when I got it from my sister the tags were still on it.  This time around, though, I knew exactly how I wanted to style it, which by the way, was my problem when I got it.  I just didn't know how to wear it, nor did it really fit into my life at the time as an Undergrad.  
     In fact, this is the second reason why I love this outfit.  I've seen plenty of women rock jackets as part of their outfits and not just as outerwear.  I have tried to recreate the look, but I just didn't have the right jacket in my arsenal, until now.  This jacket does exactly what I want it to.  It fits really well and goes from outside to inside without a problem.  And it fits my life now.  I'm in a position where wearing a jacket and a sweater looks put together AND appropriate.  It totally dresses up the jeans and boots combo.  Did I mention that it made me feel pretty?  What sorts of clothes and outfits make you feel pretty and put together?

Bella posing while I take pics.
The Details:
Jacket: Wilson Leather
Sweater: NY&Co.
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Candie's 

EDIT: My mom called me to tell me I look great in these pictures!  She even said I look skinny! :D 


AW said...

Your mom is right; the jacket is awesome.

A-C said...

thanks! At first mom wanted my sister to keep the jacket but I won out. :)

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