January 26, 2011


     I've been kind of jealous of bloggers that are able to take such very pretty pictures for their blogs.  Since my pictures are taken by me + a tripod, they don't always turn out that pretty.  In fact, watching me take pictures is pretty funny, so I imagine.  This is my process: I set up my camera on the tripod, set up the camera settings, take a quickie shot to make sure that everything is right.  Then I set the timer and run up in front of the camera, pose and the picture is taken.  Repeat 6-10 times.  After I take a few pictures, I check the ones I've taken to make sure they're ok.  If they are I take a couple more if its not too cold.  If they're crap, well I have to take a few more and hope that I won't freeze to death.  With my ridiculous little routine and that as of late all my pictures have been taken at night on my porch, well my pictures aren't great.  Now while my porch is very nice, the lighting and background just isn't that pretty.  So I end up with kind of meh pictures.  
     Rather than continuing to be jealous, which is a waste of time and energy anyway, I decided to do something about my pictures.  I thought for a while on what makes others' pictures so pretty and interesting and on what I could do to change up mine.  I figured out that its a combination of lighting, background and placement.  I'm still doing the tripod routine, so I can't change the placement of photographs.  But instead of taking pictures at night, I plan on taking them when there's still light out.  
     These, for example, I took just as the sun was setting.  And most importantly, I took them out in the field next to my house.  The combination of the beautiful light and the pastoral setting made a difference.  I realized that what I really need to do to keep my pictures pretty is to plan them out better rather than just run outside real quick and take a few pictures then run right back inside.  I know that it'll be easier while I'm at home studying.  I'm not sure how it'll work when I'm back at work.  But I'm sure I'll figure it out.  
     This outfit is a mix of new and old.  I've had this coat for a few years.  I got it for Christmas a few years ago from my parents.  When I got it I wasn't sure about the shape of the coat at first.  But eventually the color and toggles won me over, so I decided to keep it.  The mock turtleneck is also from my mom.  Remember when I said that my sister brought back a bunch of clothes from Puerto Rico?  This sweater is one of the items she got brought me.  Generally I'm not a fan of anything turtlneck-like, but this sweater is pretty ok for the most part as the neck has been stretched out enough for me.  One of the benefits of hand me downs. 
     The pants, on the other hand, are brand new.  I got them when I went to Old Navy last week.  Like a lot of people, when I get something new I just *have* to wear it right away.  There are a few things that I'll just let chill in my closet, like a vintage wine, waiting for the right moment to pull it out.  But for the most part, I believe clothing should be worn.  And if its new its just too hard to not wear it right away.   

When something is new to your closet, do you wear it right away or let it chill for a while?   

The Details:
Coat: Old Navy (gift from parents) Similar Coat with Wood Toggles and Similar Shape
Cargo pants: Old Navy    
Gold Turtle Neck: Josephine Chaus (from mom)  Perfect Replica In Cashmere
Boots: Target     

P.S. If you'd like to see another blogger's take on pics in a field, visit Katie of Interrobangs Annonymous.

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Evie said...

I love love your pictures :) Your outfit is super cute too!

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