January 28, 2011


Since the weekend is just around the corner, I wanted to share with you all what we did last weekend.  (Kind of late, I know)  A friend of mine that lives in town recently had her dog move in with her from her parent's house.  She wanted to take Buddy to the beach and asked us if we wanted to take Bella too.  Of course we said yes and headed towards the beach with Bella in tow.  
Getting her to sit for the camera
 While there, my plan was to take beautiful outfit pictures with the ocean and dunes as my background.  Complete Fail.  The temperature was around 48.  In my mind it would feel like a brisk 50.  With the wind it felt like an awfully cold 40 instead.  I got the Fiance to take some pictures anyway in hopes of having *something* worth posting.  
     After we got to the car we defrosted and once we got home we planted some trees I got for free at the mall on Saturday.   All in all, it was a great outing hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in a few months and taking Bella to the beach.  Hopefully the next time we go it won't be nearly as cold.
Bare feet was a stupid idea.
Bella had no problem posing despite the cold and wind.
Look! An outfit under the track jacket!
Weird pose while being cold.
 We did manage to see some dolphins though.  The Fiance was seeing if Bella would approach the water (she didn't) and called out to us that there were dolphins.  I pulled out my camera and managed to get a few pictures.  I completely missed the dolphin that surfed a wave--but these turned out pretty nicely.

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