January 21, 2011

Sticking to it

     Since staying home full time to study, I've been working out a lot.  By a lot I mean like every day.  This is *so* out of character for me.  I've pledged plenty of times that I would workout more often or that I would lose a certain amount of weight.  Pledging and doing are two different things, however.  This time around, I'm doing.  I've known for years that I should workout more.  That the health benefits far outweigh the discomfort of getting off my ass and working out.  Its just that there was always something I could blame as being in my way.  If it wasn't studying, then it was working,or I was too tired or there was much more interesting tv to watch, etc.  I just let the excuses add up.  So its no surprise that it was nearly impossible for me to stick to some sort of routine.  
     This time around things are different.  I think its because I'm at home all day long and time isn't such an obstacle.  That and working out ends up being a break from the grind of studying.  I know that working out every day won't last.  Once I take the bar and go back to working, its going to be hard to work out 3 days a week, let alone 6.  Nonetheless, I think this time at home studying will serve as a sort of reset.  By making it a daily activity, I hope that working out will become habit.  A good habit.  One that will not just change the physical appearance of my body, but will change my health for the better.  Speaking of changing my body, I've already lost 2.5 inches around my waist and another 5 pounds from my last weight plateau.  Being able to see these changes already makes it a lot easier to stick to my routine.  I can see my accomplishment taking shape so it makes me want to keep at it.  I want to lose my tummy pooch and lose more weight and just get tone and fit all over.  What's your favorite way to keep to a workout schedule?  What's your favorite way to exercise?     
Closeup of Yoga Pants
     Because of my new found devotion to working out I figured I would need a workout wardrobe.  I invested in a pair of Old Navy Yoga pants to add to my really old black yoga pants that I've had for years.  (I honestly have no idea how long I've had them.)  In addition my little sister got me a long sleeve workout top for Christmas.  (not pictured)  This pink top was also a gift.  My friend Claudia entered a Glamour giveaway and won the top.  It was too big for her, so she offered it to me.  Its a wee bit too big for me around the waist, but fits the boobs just fine.  
      Here I'm also wearing a pseudo-thrifted item.  Some of my sister's friends visited my parents a year or so ago and one of them left this track jacket.  My sister offered it to me and I've been wearing it when I walk outside in the cold.  Its pretty great as I'm able to throw on some thin layers to keep me warm without being bulky.  I also get to add to my slowly growing workout wardrobe.  So that's a plus.  Do you too also use a new activity as an excuse for getting clothes?  (I'm sure I'm not the only one!)

The Details:
Top: Champion Double Dry Seamless Vented Tee Available Here and Similar Here and Here
Yoga Pants: Old Navy Available Here and Disco Pattern Here
Track Jacket: Old Navy Similar and More Here
Sneakers: Reebok Easy Tone Available Here and

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