January 19, 2011


    My parents gave me $100 to spend on their credit card for my Christmas present.  So I turned to online sales and decided I would try ordering from L.L. Bean.  I've never been interested in them before, but when I got my new ruffly blazer from Coldwater Creek, it came with an L.L.Bean catalog.  I really liked some of their sweaters, so when it came to spending Christmas money, I went to their website and found an amazing sale.  I ended up getting the Camden Wool Jacket in a navy herringbone pattern and two of the cotton/cashmere blend sweater vests in black and grey stripes as well as in marine green.  

      You guys, the Jacket's shipping box was amazing!  It came in a jacket all on its own with inserts to make sure that the jacket kept its shape.  I was WAY impressed.  You know what else impressed me?  L.L.Bean's customer service.  When I was figuring out sizing I did the online chat thing and the person on the other end was able to give me garment measurements so that I could figure out what size to buy.  It was incredibly helpful.
     Here's the thing, I ordered my stuff Jan 4 and lo and behold a couple of days later, all the items I ordered were further reduced.  At first I got mad.  I mean, really? Did they HAVE to reduce their prices so I felt robbed?  But then! I remembered their awesome customer service from when I was shopping.  So I went back on L.L.Bean's website and opened up the chat dialog and asked if I could get a price reduction on the further reduced prices.  And I got it!  I saved myself a total of $17 just from asking!  So the moral of the story is ask, because the worst thing that could happen is that they'll say no.  It really is a great motto for life too.  No one else is going to ask on your behalf.  People won't just give you things if they don't know that you need or want them.  The only way to make your needs or wants or expectations known is to tell or ask someone.  And you never know what you'll get unless you ask.  
     So. . . ask away!  Anything you've wanted to ask me but didn't have the chance to?  Here's your chance!  Ask away and I'll do my best to respond to questions in the comments below.     

*This post was not asked for nor compensated for.  All opinions are my own.*

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