January 25, 2011

Ethics of Blogging

    I follow lots of blogs and sometimes forget where an idea came from.   Lucky for me there's a search feature in Google Reader that generally gets me out of a conundrum and lets me give credit where credit is due.  Nonetheless, I found this post by Design*Sponge to be really useful.  Grace offers advice on how to deal with negative comments, giving credit for photographs and protecting your work. Here's just a small bit of her helpful advice:
Knowing your rights is a big part of dealing with this issue. Original content is copyrighted the moment you write it on your blog. You can go to the extra effort to work with a copyright lawyer and copyright your content on a yearly basis, but most people are fine with the copyright level that you get from writing something online with your name attached. Beyond that, you may want to be informed about where your content is being run online without your permission or without you knowing it.

I definitely recommend you click on over and read her post.   I'm definitely going to take advantage of some of her suggestions, like using TyntHave you ever had an ethical problem while blogging?  Anyone stolen your content?  How have you dealt with it? 

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