June 14, 2010

Shamless self-promotion

    So my uncle sent me more necklaces and they are gorgeous!  Every single one is different which makes them really special and super pretty.  I decided that rather than finding one of my own necklaces or a brooch to wear today, I would "borrow" one of the necklaces.  Today I chose the Gold Spiral Polymer Clay Bead Necklace.  Even though it is off-center, which would normally drive me nuts, this time I am very much intrigued by the necklace.  I love that rather than ending in a bigger plain bead, the last one is a swirl.  It is unexpected, which I think makes it unique.  What do you guys think?
    As for the rest of my outfit, I went simple.  I love this brown dress.  And I mean LOVE!  It is comfortable and flattering and easily changed to work with the weather or my mood.  Examples can be seen here, here and here.  Like I said, I went simple today.  I figured that a dark pink tank under the brown and the gold necklace would add enough detail to the outfit.  (If you look closely, you can see that there are little bows on the edges of the sleeves of the dress.)  

The Details:
Dress: BR
Tank: ON
Necklace: Tio Gordo on Etsy
flip-flops: ON (not shown)  

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