June 10, 2010

Yoga day!

    Yesterday was yoga day and as such I had two different outfits.  The first was my cute class day outfit and the second was my yoga class outfit.  You may remember seeing this dress before.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is so comfortable!  The jersey is heavy enough so that I don't have to wear a slip with it and the neckline is such that I can change the look of the dress by changing the color tank top I wear with it.  Have I mentioned that the length of the dress is pretty damn awesome too?  LOVE this dress.  

The Details:
Dress: Gap (consignment)
Tank: ON
Brooch: Sew Lovely
Flip Flops: ON

    As for yoga wear, I am much more practical than I am cute.  I've been wearing yoga pants and men's undershirts to class and it has worked out great.  The best part, honestly, is the part you can't see.  If you guessed sports bra, then you guessed right.  Ever since I got this Bravissimo sports bra I've been a whole lot more excited about working out than I have in the past.  With the girls not bouncing around or popping out from under a too loose sports bra or spilling out over a too tight one, working out is much more comfortable.  It makes a huge difference.  
    I'm sure that for ladies with much smaller breasts a sports bra is just as important.  The difference, though is that sports bras, and bras in general for that matter, for the smaller boobed are more readily available and cheaper than those I've been able to find in my size.  At the very least, I'm able to afford these expensive bras, but I wonder about other women who aren't so fortunate.  How do they handle F,G,H, or I cups when they can't afford $55 bras?  It's not like they're readily available at Walmart or Target.  In fact, I've never found anything more than a DD at either store, and even then it was in limited band sizes.  
    I guess I'm just frustrated with the lack of availability of larger bras.  Coupled with the great expense of bras when they are found and I'm just pissed.  I mean, why do stores insist on charging more for bigger bras and bigger clothing?  It's not like its THAT much more expensive to make a larger bra or a larger shirt or a larger pair of pants, right?  So why are they SOOOO much more expensive? 
    Sorry to rant at you, it's just frustrating and nonsensical.

The Details:
Tank: Hanes tank
Yoga Pants: ON
Sports Bra: Bravissimo


Sal said...

Thrilled that you found a good workout bra - so key. And I love that little flower brooch!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

They charge more because they can. Almost 70% of women in the US wear a B or a C cup and less than 3% are AAs, DDs, or even larger. That means that companies who are catering to larger breasted women are filling a niche in the market where they have few competitors and they can keep the prices relatively high.

Your yoga outfit is very cute!

A-C said...

LHdM--I wonder if that number (70%) is so high because its easier and cheaper to wear an ill-fitting bra than to get a bra that actually fits, is bigger and is more expensive? Maybe I'm cynical and bitter? Probably.

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing your sports bra! I have one that I do like, but I've been looking for one that separates (which mine doesn't). I tried a Freya sports bra before but the band didn't fit and I couldn't find my correct band size anywhere. But the one you linked to does have my band size! I definitely have to try it!

A-C said...

Kelly--the only downside is that there's a serious case of pointy boob. But really? not that big a deal for a sports bra that actually does what its supposed to. I highly recommend it.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I don't know about that. Most women I'm friends wear a smaller cup size than I, so I'd guess that while some are wearing ill-fitting bras that the vast majority are in the B-C range.

Kelly said...

I think a lot of women are wearing the totally wrong size and don't even know it. They might say and think they are a B or a C, but in reality they should be a DD or even larger. A lot of women don't even know that bra sizes above DD *exist* so even if they should be in an F or something, they just have no clue.

Anyway, I think that larger cup sizes cost more simply because they have way more work to do. I wrote a post for The Lingerie Post a while ago about why designers don't make bigger bras. It's not entirely the same topic but it does address why they're so expensive.


A-C said...

I know of several instances instances where women were wearing the completely wrong cup size and had no idea and didn't care to get fitted b/c they figured bras, by their very nature, just suck. For example my sister was wearing a 36C and she just recently got fitted and is very nicely wearing a 36DD. My mom is the same way. She's been wearing 36C for a while when in reality she's a 38DD. When I got fitted I knew I was wearing the wrong size, but at a 38DD I had no idea I would end up a 36G.

As for designers not making bigger bras, I think its a similar situation with plus size clothing. If designers are allowed to keep their blinders on, they are free to ignore the women that don't fall within sizes 0-12 or have a larger than 36DD bust.

LHdM--I know what you mean about most women wearing B-C sizes. And it may very well be that the bell curve of cup sizes is such that B-C are the largest part, but I don't know that AA or DDs and higher are such a smaller percentage.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I can totally relate to this. When financial times are hard, I have resorted to wearing two sports bras, neither of which would do the trick solo, but together provide great support. However, now that you have provided me w/ a remarkable catalog w/ affordable sports bra options for my Hs, I am super excited! Great post.

A-C said...

Esq2010: SOOOO glad I could help! Makes blogging worth it when I know I've helped someone out.

lornamorris said...

I am really totally impressed from your work and your little broach is just awesome. Your yoga clothes are also nice and much conceptual.
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A-C said...

Thanks lornamorris! I got the brooch on etsy and have loved it ever since!

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