June 14, 2010

My Friend Jenn

    This is my friend Jenn.  She and I graduated from law school together and we are now studying for the bar together as well.  When I asked her if she wanted to be on the blog today, she got really excited.  She didn't think she looked cute, whereas I did.  Her excuse for wearing a skirt to class---lack of clean clothes.  Either way, I think it looks great on her and shows how something as simple as a printed t-shirt and skirt can make a great combination.

Jenn "posing"

The Details:
T-shirt: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria 
Skirt: ON
Flip-flops: ON


gina said...

Cute outfit! I love the star print tee with the black skirt. Love your friend's fun posing!

Best luck to both of you in your bar exam preparation. A few words of advice from someone who has taken (and passed) 2 bars: try not to worry. At all.

I took BarBri, studied hard and worried for most of the second half of July for my first bar exam (Illinois-which I passed). The second time around, 4 years later, I reviewed some of the outlines in the BarBri books, and that's it. No classes, nothing. I also passed (that was New York state). After passing New York, I wish I had spent much less time studying for Illinois. :-) I also learned from talking to others who've taken multiple bars that my experience is not unique. Anyway... Good luck!

A-C said...

Thanks gina! I appreciate it. :)

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