June 2, 2010

Dressing up Yoga Pants

    Tuesday I went to my first yoga class in 10 years.  I was really excited about the class and even more so when I discovered that my yoga pants were clean.  yay!  Anyway, I wanted to limit the amount of clothes I had to change into and out of that day, so I decided I would just wear my yoga pants to my bar prep class and figure everything else based on them.  I originally wanted to try to wear this dress, but I forgot how long it is and didn't want to drown in clothes.  So rather than just throwing on a t-shirt and sweatshirt, I got fancy.  I grabbed my dark pink jersey cardigan and light pink tank top and made an outfit!  An outfit that *isn't* solely sweats and has color and is kinda cute.  
    The yoga class itself was amazing!  It was relaxing and a great workout.  I could easily feel my abs being engaged and my muscles stretching in the different positions.  And the ab workout at the end was great too!  I'm really looking forward to continuing to work out in this setting.  The yoga teacher was able to make adjustments to each position based on each person's individual limitations.  When I told her about my recurring chest pain she completely understood and explained that we'll be working on the whole body and to take it easy whenever its too much for me.  
    The only downside to the class is that now, Wednesday morning, I am really really sore.  Part of it is that I did squats 2 days ago and I'm still sore from that.  But most of my back and neck pain and the little of the core soreness that I'm feeling is because of the yoga, while a small part of it is a lack of sleep and relaxation when I got home.  I got home last night, ate, then got on the phone for 2 hours with my mom and aunt to help them set up my aunt's wireless router from afar.  Oh and my mom is in Puerto Rico and my aunt is in Miami.  And my aunt is not the most tech savvy person in the world, in fact, she's pretty damn awful at it.  When I was done with that I got to read for fun (yay!) for 30 mins, jumped in the shower, then off to bed to read.  But I was way too wound up to turn the lights off at 11:30 so I continued reading (on the iphone) with the light off so as not to bug The Fiance.  I finished off my book then managed to have some fitful restless sleep.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to relax and rest tonight because several days of soreness just plain suck.  

P.S. pictures coming later as I forgot to take them last night.

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