June 22, 2010

Summer Layering

    We all know how awesome layering can be when its cold.  Layering provides warmth and can include different colors, textures and patterns to make outfits more interesting.  What often happens is that when it gets warmer, layering goes out the window.  While its often cooler to wear one skimpy layer during the summer, sometimes outfits require layers.  
    Yesterday's outfit most definitely required an extra layer.  There is too much boobage for me to wear this polo without a layer under it.  In an ideal world I would have an unlimited closet which would include crop tops in all colors of the rainbow so that layering in the summer would only require 2 layers of clothing  where necessary and not all over.  However, we don't live in my ideal world (damnit!) so I had to wear a full tank top under this light pink polo.  It wasn't too bad for most of the day.  In fact, while at school the extra layer was quite welcome since its so cold inside.  However, once some friends and I were out studying on the quad, I had no choice but to take the polo off and just sit in my tank and skirt.
    So in review, layering in the summer can create warmth in the frigid cold inside and can keep your decolletage from getting out of control.    

The Details:
polo: American Eagle (OLD!)
tank: ON
Skirt: me!
Necklace: Tio Gordo on Etsy

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