June 17, 2010

Weekend Wear

    We went house hunting this past weekend in hopes of finding a great house to live in when we move in August.  Knowing that it would be a hot and busy day, I figured I would go with light and bright colors.  In addition, knowing that while we would be judging the house someone else would be judging us, I figured dressing up wouldn't be a bad deal.  
    I got these pants in May so I could wear them to my sister's graduation.  They are linen (surprise surprise!) and incredibly comfortable.  They are long enough that they require me to wear heels, but I'm ok with that.  For Saturday I wore my favorite brown Aerosoles sandals so I could gain the height necessary but still wear comfy shoes.  In addition to my awesome shoes, I grabbed my blue + turquoise beaded necklace that I got at the consignment store.  I layered it 3 times to keep it all up by my neck.  
    I really like the simplicity of the outfit and that all I needed was a shiny blue necklace to finish it all off.   There was no need to add bells and whistles and that made this a great house hunting and travel outfit. 

The Details:
Top: Carol Little (gift from mom)
Necklace: Consignment
Pants: Talbots 
Sandals: Aerosoles (not shown)


caffeinerd said...

I have never pulled off white pants, and thus am doubly impressed by how much you're rockin' 'em here! You look great. Good luck with the house hunting!

Taylor said...

Great look! The top is one of my favorite summer colors and you are rocking those white pants.

A-C said...

Thanks Ladies!

Caffeinerd: I grew up in Miami so the idea of white pants isn't too scary. That they're linen and lined makes them really easy to wear. :)

Taylor: thanks! mom gave me that shirt. She loves rocking bright tops and has no fear of color. It's pretty great.

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