June 17, 2010

Brooch solution

    Last week, on Wednesday morning I was getting dressed and chose to put a flower brooch on rather than a necklace.  I was thinking of wearing one of my flower brooches, my pink brooch in particular.  The problem is that when I went to get it, it was all squished because I had been keeping it in a little box on my dresser.  Bad idea.  Before I left the house I was thinking of better options to keep my brooches.  My first thought was figuring out how to hang a ribbon in my closet.  THEN I remembered the adorable little face to the left.  You see, my aunt sent me several different things to put on etsy, one of which is the Smiling Face Barrette & Brooch Ribbon Organizer
Currently on Etsy
    Knowing that I personally love when other bloggers show how they store their scarves, pins, belts and hats, I figured I would share how I am now storing my brooches.  Even though it was originally meant to hold barrettes as you can see from the closeup picture, I realized that it is absolutely perfect to hold brooches and pins.  Lucky for all of you, my darling readers, these are now available on etsy!  I got a shipment of several different shades of hair color from blond to brunette a couple of days ago.  Just remember, if you mention Law School Fashionista you'll get 25% off of your order! 

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