June 8, 2010

Skirts take 2

    So I tried my hand at long skirts for cold classrooms last week and I wanted to see if I could make do with a shorter knee length skirt without freezing to death.  The result was that yes, I can do it BUT I need to make sure to bring a sweater to class.  I forgot to do that when I wore this outfit.  My legs weren't all that cold, but my arms were.   Luckily I was smart enough to bring a blanket to class and that kept me relatively warm.   
    The best part about this outfit is the skirt.  I found it while perusing my consignment shop and fell for the print immediately.  I have very few patterned skirts and the large orange flowers on brown background called to me.  Because the pattern is subtle, I figured I could use it as a focal point with a simple top or as a background with a more attention grabbing top.  When I picked it up, I looked at the tag, and of course its linen, and we all know about my love for linen.  I lucked out that it isn't 100% linen so it didn't get super wrinkly when I wore it last week.  And its machine washable!
    I was a bit hesitant about the length of the skirt at first.  I was afraid it might be too long and therefore make me look stumpy.  But I gladly got over that and bought the skirt anyway.  I think that if I were to wear it with a pair of great heels my legs would look great, but its not so long that I can't wear a pair of flats and still look ok but laid back.  


The Details:
T-shirt: H&M
skirt: Cato (consignment)
flip-flops: ON
necklace: gift


Sal said...

Such a pretty pattern. And it looks perfectly lovely with the simple tee.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

The pattern on the skirt is fantastic!

A-C said...

thanks ladies!

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