May 3, 2010

Saturday Celebration

Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)

    Saturday night The Fiance took me out to dinner to celebrate the end of law school.   We went to Longhorn Steakhouse where I ate SO MUCH FOOD!  It was incredible though and I'm really glad I wore a dress.  Had I worn pants I would have been terribly uncomfortable after eating so much food.  (Seriously though, AMAZING food and I was able to take home bread for Sunday's breakfast)  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had spied a dress  at the consignment store and that I was hoping it would still be there for the end of the semester.  Well, it was and here it is!  
    You can see it easier in the close up picture, but the dress is black and has tiny white polka-dots.  I wore the dark pink tank because I really had no choice.  This dress has a bit of an overlap at the bust, but its not a true wrap.  Also, as you can see, it is VERY deeply cut.  So I will be able to customize the dress by mixing and matching different color tanks underneath it.  
    I chose to go with pink for this outing for one really simple reason.  See that flower on the headband?  It's a very light pink flower made of ribbon.  Oh and I made it.   I decided a little while ago that I wanted to diversify my etsy offerings.  This headbands and others will be coming to my store sometime soon.  What do you guys think? 

The Details:
Dress: Gap 2007 (consignment store)
Tank: ON
Heels: Talbots
Necklace: Freshwater pearls strung by me
Headband: A-C's Crafts on Etsy (Coming Soon!)

Don't forget, if you mention Law School Fashionista at A-C's Crafts you will get 25% off!


La Historiadora de Moda said...

You look very cute! Congrats on finishing law school!

Are you going to change the name of your blog now that you are no longer a student?

A-C said...

I'm thinking about it--but what would it be? Lawyer Fashionista? Chick who graduated law school but doesn't have a job yet fashionista? Studying for the bar exam fashionista? lol :)

caffeinerd said...

I have this dress in green and black (handed down from my mom). You look great--love the flower headband! Congrats again on the END of law school!

A-C said...

thanks hon! I can't get enough of this dress, its just SO comfy! I now get the whole jersey dress thing, ha!

Sal said...

I missed the big announcement ... CONGRATS, doll!

A-C said...

thank you Sally! I'll be graduating officially this Sunday and Monday (May 16-17). I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics to post too so you haven't really missed anything :)

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