April 9, 2010

Loving Linen

    Wore this one last Thursday after I rediscovered this shirt in my clean clothes pile that I hadn't yet put away. I had actually been searching for this particular top since I read this article about the 5 hottest colors for spring.  I look terrible in pale colors so the champagne pink, lilac and light military green were out for tops.  However, coral and turquoise are most definitely in for me for tops.  Add in the wrench of my not being able to shop and I had to scour my closet for all things turquoise and coral.  Luckily I have an assortment of turquoise tops and jewelry, but I REALLY wanted to try the coral.  So here it is.  
    As an aside, this is the first time EVER I remotely care (or even *know*) about which colors are in for a particular season.  I heartily place the blame on blogging.  I mean, if it weren't for all of you and your spectacularly awesome blogs, I would never have even thought of it, so thanks for making me more obsessed.  *hugs*
    Anyway, so this skirt?  It's linen.  And I love it.  I've had this love affair with linen pieces and I hope it never stops.  I love the feel and the drape of linen.  I love how its oh so very summery.  I love how it fits somewhere between casual and dressed up.  I just love linen.  

The Details:
Top: LOFT (years and years ago!)
Skirt: ON (also years and years ago!)
Necklace: Kathy
Sandals: Target


Leah said...

It's such a lovely color and it suits you well. The maxi linen skirt is fabulous. xoxo

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

mm, i love loft! and i think the color is very flattering on you!

A-C said...

WWaNW--I love loft too! Its like the cool and spunky little sister to Ann Taylor.

Leah--thanks! For whatever reason, the skirt reminds me of you, especially the white linen one I have too.

Law Girl said...

I really like that skirt too! It looks comfy and chic. And that necklace is fab.

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