May 30, 2010

managing expectations

    One of the first things we learn in practical law school classes is that one our jobs as a lawyer is to manage the expectations of our clients.  This means making sure they know what to expect and what is in the realm of reality as opposed to the realm of TV or dreamland.  
    How does this connect with the blog?  Well, as it turns out studying for the bar sucks, a lot.  My routine as recommended by Kaplan is supposed to be this: in-class video from 9am-1pm, lunch from 1-2pm, homework from 2-6 pm, dinner/break from 6-7 pm, then more homework/reviewing from 7-9pm.  For the moment, I'm not sticking anywhere need to this schedule, and that's ok.  First of all because its the first week and I need to ease into it.  Second, because I like having a life.  Third, I don't want to burn out weeks before I actually take the bar.  Instead, my schedule, for the moment looks more like: in class video from 9am-1pm, lunch/break from 1-3pm, work (non-bar stuff) from 2-6pm, making and then eating dinner from 6-7:30pm, homework from 7:30-9pm, relax from 9-11pm, bed at 11pm.  
   I have managed my own expectations as to how much to work and when to work harder for studying for the bar.  What I haven't done is manage YOUR expectations of this blog.  You see, because I'm spending my mornings in a classroom in the law school, I am quite often cold.  This has resulted in wearing sweats to class.  I tried wearing jeans the other day and I was mighty uncomfortable.  So my rule for this summer is dresses or flexible waistbands, like the sweatpants I'm wearing today.  As a result, I'm afraid that you all might be expecting me to have tons of outfit photos with accompanying posts detailing my super cute summer wardrobe.  If that is true, I am sorry, but that won't be happening.  I'm hoping to have some cute weekend outfits and maybe an occasional weekday outfit, but I'm pretty sure my summer wardrobe will consist of sweats and t-shirts.  It kind of hurts me to admit that, but I would rather manage your (and my) expectations and exceed them rather than disappoint you all summer long.  
    Soooooooooo please forgive me.


sara star said...

Acing the Bar is way way way more important that fashion. I am really looking forward to your office fashion once you start your job and are a licensed attorney!

A-C said...

Thanks sara star! I'm looking forward to it too.

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