October 3, 2010

Shades of Gray

    I took advantage of the wonderful turn in weather to whip out my tights.  I'm not sure if NC finally got the memo that it's officially fall or if it turned cool because of the rain the past week, but it is gorgeous out! I love when the weather turns cool.
    The cool weather also really makes me want to wear cooler colors.  Grays and blues are particular favorites.  I also love jewel tones when it turns cold.  I find that strong and bright colors keep me happy when the weather is less than ideal.  
    Anyway, so these are my gray flower patterned tights.  These are some of my favorite tights because from afar they look like plain gray tights.  However, when you look closer you can see that the tights have a subtle flower pattern.  It's like a secret super cool fashion statement.  It makes me happy. 
    So I have a question for you all.  What do you think of the proportions of this skirt?  Normally I think it works fine, but in looking at the picture to the left, I'm not 100% sure anymore.  If the skirt had a higher waist, I think the look to the left would look ok.  It might be that I've lost enough weight as of late so that the skirt no longer fits where its supposed to.  Either way, to me it seems that the skirt is too long or too low slung or both.  It just feels like too much solid black that isn't as flattering as it could be.  What do you all think, is this all in my head or am I on to something?  What would you do with a skirt like this, shorten it or tailor it to a higher waist or . . . ? 

The Details:
Shirt: New York & Co.
Skirt: Jones & Co.
Tights: Hanes Outlet
Heels: Bandolino

P.S. How awesome does my hair look in these pics?  No idea how the 100000% humidity didn't turn my hair into a gigantic ball of frizz, but this was a GREAT hair day. 


Brooke said...

I think what might be throwing you off is the line created at the ankle by the tights? I think the length of the skirt is very nice and proportionate. :)

sara star said...

For an outfit like this either a shorter skirt (not a lot shorter, but your legs are great so why not show them knees? Or footed tights to complete the long line the shoes and tights could create.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the patterned footless tights, but I have to admit that I"m not a fan of them with this because it interrupts the line. I'd get the skirt altered.

A-C said...

Thanks y'all! I think I'll get the skirt shortened just a smidge so that it's still long enough for court but not so long as to look disproportionate.

lawyerdoll said...

I generally think that skirts for court should be just below the knee. It hits at a narrower spot than a higher hem, which is more flattering to the leg.

Also, shorted skirts can be perceived as distracting and unprofessional. It's more difficult to sit modestly, and many male attorneys can be real pigs.

Maybe you should get it nipped in a little at the waist if it's feeling a bit big.

Please don't wear those tights to work. Any tights/leggings showing skin between the hem and the shoe is a "no-no".

Those would be cute with boots, even the short boots, though.

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