September 28, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

    This Dress is from the shopping trip I took just after starting working.  The fabric isn't solid black, it has white, gray and silver threads running through it.  I couldn't think of anything else to pair it with, so I threw on this cardigan that has the same colors as the dress on top of it.  I feel like the look is a bit "ladies who lunch."  I'm hoping to find a cute colored cardigan with which to pair this dress to keep it looking young.  I'm also considering wearing the dress with a button down underneath it in the fashion of a jumper in the same way I wore this sheath dress.  Thoughts?

The Details:
Dress: The Limited
Cardigan: Sam's Club
Heels: Nine West

P.S. These pictures right here are exactly why I need to wear makeup to work---I look ill!

1 comment:

lawyerdoll said...

Maybe concentrate of finding a great jacket that will work with it instead.

This type of sheath dress doesn't lend itself to a lot of versatility. It doesn't need to- it's great as it is!

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