October 8, 2010

Saturday on the River

    Last Saturday the Fiance and I went down to the city's Riverfest.  Picture fair food, an arts and crafts bazaar, a playground for kids and some professional wrestling.  Oh and there are pirates everywhere.  Because you can't really have a good festival celebrating a river without pirates, can you?  
    So the Fiance and I headed down there and had a great time.  There were tons of crafts that had me really inspired.  I'm thinking that maybe I can try to monogram some of my makeup brush holders somehow.  I also realized that I would much rather re-cycle or up-cycle crafts than start from scratch.  Oh and fall is definitely my favorite season.  Apparently I was very inspired last Saturday.  :)  
    Speaking of inspiration and crafts, Bella is in heat for the second time.  (complete non sequiter, right?)  Well, I had put her in a pair of my old PJ shorts and cut a whole in the seam for her tail the first time around.  But such a cute dog deserves something better.  So I made her a fleece diaper.  Yes, those are bright big yellow rubber duckies on her fleece diaper.  The best part is that she seems much happier to wear this diaper than the shorts I had made for her.  She is able to wag her fluffy tail and I keep my floor and furniture nice and clean.  
   Saturday's weather was less than perfect.  When we left the house I wasn't sure how chilly it would get, so I wore my velvet blazer.  (Un)fortunately, it is now too big for me, so I took it in using the brooching technique that I got from Sally eons ago and used in March.  Cinching the blazer gave it a more fitted silhouette and made me significantly more comfortable as wearing something that is too big makes me feel weird.  
Notice the powdered sugar?
My favorite part of the outfit though is the boots.  I *really* wanted to wear them, but wasn't sure I could tuck my boot-cut (ie non-skinny) jeans into them.  As I've discussed before, I have big calves.  Nonetheless, I put the doubt aside and persevered.  I managed to squish my jeans into the boots and got the look I was hoping for.  

Fiance took this pic <3

The Details:
Tank: LOFT
Blazer: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Brooch: Consignment Shop

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