October 16, 2010

Go Tigers?

    I've worn this suit before, hell, I've worn this entire outfit before.  The reason?  It's comfortable and I really like this blouse with this suit.  Also I can't go shopping for more blouses or suits.  So I'm stuck with what I've got.  But I *can* make it more interesting.  
     To be honest, a suit really isn't all that interesting and shouldn't be all that interesting.  At least when an attorney is wearing a suit, the point is to look professional but forgettable.  The last thing anyone wants is for their attorney to be remembered instead of their case.  So, my suit outfits are and probably will be boring forever.  
    HOWEVER, what isn't boring is what happens when the suit jacket comes off.  Or at least it shouldn't be boring.  Because when the suit jacket comes off is generally when I'm in the office or in the car or anywhere else where I don't have to look court appropriate.  This is where I get to have fun with my outfits and enjoy dressing.  In this particular outfit, this would be the scarf worn as decorative belt.  
    Since I know that I've worn this exact same suit + blouse combination about 3 times since I got it, I wanted it to look different, special if you will.  While pondering this the night before I wore it, I happened to remember this scarf.  A couple of months ago, my parents were in town and my mom asked me to store some of her winter clothes for her.  I recently unpacked the box and stored all the scarves in said box in my closet.  (I'm borrowing them, or something like that.)  So I wondered, while planning this outfit, would the scarf work as a belt of some sorts.  Of course there's no other way to find out than trying it on.  So I did, and I loved it. 
     By now you may be wondering about the title of this post.  Well, one of the judges that rotates through district court here is a huge Clemson fan.  In fact, his "magic words" aren't please and thank you, they're "Go Tigers!"  Knowing this and having had to exclaim it earlier in the week, I decided to "promote" the Tigers a bit more deviously.  Cue the picture to the left.  I painted my nails a very dark purple, almost black, to "support" the Tigers.  The judge looked at me funny and laughed when I showed him, but he understood it as harmless fun.  See? Attorneys aren't ALL boring.

The Details:
Suit: JCPenney
Blouse: The Limited
Heels: Nine West
Scarf: Mom's (New York Style)
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen in Pat on the Black


lawyerdoll said...

I'd try wearing the scarf more like a cummerbund/obi rather than having that big bow or long tail with that suit. Pretty combination of colors and textures though.

If you're worried about it moving around, a well-placed safety pin (or five) will take care of that issue.

I'm dealing with real-life courtroom clothing boredom, as I've been practicing law for almost 8 years (wow- it's doesn't seem that long!).

What year are you in?

A-C said...

I guess I forgot to mention that I didn't wear the scarf to court but tied it around my waist once I got back to the office.

I graduated in May and am going to take the bar again in February. So I'm in my first year I guess?

gina said...

Love the look with the scarf! The peach and brown colors are pretty together as well.

A-C said...

thanks gina! I fancy the combination myself.

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