May 1, 2010


    Ok, so I'm done with my exams (YAY!).  I have one group project left to finish up, but for all intents and purposes, I' done. Which means that I will be back to blogging.  BUT I also happen to have 208 items waiting for me in my google reader, so don't be surprised if I'm slow to comment for a while.  
Bravissimo dress
    Also, I have zero outfits from this past week.  That's not to say I spent the whole week naked, rather, I spent the whole week in sweats.  But that trend won't continue on to next week as I will be working from Monday through Thursday and then driving down to Atlanta for my little sister's graduation on Friday.  Speaking of which, I apparently jumped on the floral bandwagon with my graduation dresses.  Since my graduation consists of 2 days and I'll also be attending my sister's graduation, I figured getting 2 dresses would be a good idea.  May end up going to get a pair of linen pants and a blouse for my trip to Atlanta just in case that ends up working best.  Anyway, the second dress that I bought is to the right.  I'm really hoping that the Bravissimo dress gets here in time for my trip to Atlanta.  I would love to wear it to my sister's graduation.  But really the best about the dress is that due to the cut and shape, I should be able to layer a cardigan or blazer on top and wear it to work in the future.  
Talbots Dress
    The other dress that I got is intended to be my graduation dress.  I got it from Talbots a week ago and LOVE it.  I initially went to Talbots figuring that since the store caters to women and not teenagers, that I would probably be able to find an outfit that fits my body.  I was SO right.  I tried on several dresses that all looked really nice.  Talbots definitely designs their clothes for women with busts and hips, of which I have both.  I was quite surprised that I am a size 12, I expected to be at least a 14.  I guess my healthy living challenge is paying off.  Anyway, I will definitely be heading back to Talbots to shop as I feel comfortable in their clothes because they fit and are of high quality (even if a bit expensive).   
The perfect shoe
    AND THE SHOES!  I fell in love with these shoes the first time I saw them while playing around on Polyvore.  I was lucky enough to find them in the store so I could try them on with my dress.  They are also from Talbots and incredibly comfortable.  The description says that they have 3 1/4 inch tall wedge, but I'm pretty sure its closer to  2 3/4 as the shoe has a bit of a platform.  Nonetheless, the espadrille wedge was exactly what I was looking for.  The color, the heel height, the chunky heel (that won't make me sink in to grass on graduation day).  All in all, its the perfect shoe.  And if it happens to go on sale anytime in the very near future I may just have to buy another pair in black or brown.
    So yea, I highly recommend going to Talbots, or any other store you think is out of your age/comfort zone, as you never really know what you'll find until you go.  What are your favorite stores that cater to a different audience yet work for you? 

(This review (?) was completely unsolicited and most definitely not paid for)


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Just found your blog tonight :-) I like it, and I'll definitely be back :-) Congrats on being done with exams!

I also love those wedges--I'm all about the wedge this year. And that Bravissimo dress is amazing.

A-C said...

Thanks Breanne and welcome!

I LOVE those wedges! I wore them to work and to run some errands and they were still comfy after all of that! Who knew 3+ inch heels could be like that? :)

sophie said...

That Talbots dress is beautiful. So glad to hear the clothes make you feel good, and look good! Congrats on your graduation... Bravo!

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